Friday, 18 June 2010


How did that happen??

OK, so I have the will power of a slug!!

They have just picked up the whippet I have been looking after and paid me in real money!!!

Might just have to get one more ball of each......... well, it is really soft.


  1. well I'm glad it wasn't nets this time! Those colours are lovely, I'm sure you need a bit more, just in case.... xx

  2. Ha ha ha! and I was there when you got the cheque.....good to see you're spending it before it's cleared!!
    it's lovely....and soooooooo soft!


  3. Ha ha ha ha Thats really funny!!! Love the wool

  4. Oh I AM glad, I was feeling all sorry for you, then I see that you have new wool- now just feeling glad for you! xxx

  5. Glad you've been duly rewarded and the wool is lovely!

    Bellaboo :0)

  6. more wool .....a new shed ...i think 4 you...
    to keep all this wool in :-)

    and leave them nets alone..... as there is no fish in them...and i will go hungry :-)

  7. You join the nets group because you're a decent person who puts others before herself. It's a great trait, but you are allowed to save enough energy to get your own stuff done. You're hugely empathetic and considerate, and an always willing dog-sitter ;-) And wool is a small reward for all your hard work


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