Friday, 11 June 2010

Filling my time......

This is my niece Ashley and her boyfriend ray. Correction, her fiancee. They are getting married on the 31st July as Ray is off to do his GP training in Chichester. She is so excited it is lovely. Jose is going to be a bridesmaid so she too is dead excited.

I wanted to make a small engagement present. I have brought her her wedding dress but wanted to do something else. So I have this pile of fabric...

An this....... (I LOVE my sewing machine!!)

So I thought that I would make a small wall hanging..... well that is what it started out as....

I really enjoy doing foundation patchwork. There is no brain strain with it.

Simple, a bit like dot to dot. Have a look here
It is a really easy way to get very sharp points on small (or large blocks) I have lots if anyone would like some to try. Happy to post.

See easy... painting by numbers almost

The famous pin cushion in used. Ann was right, it is just perfect, pins go in really easily. Had a sort of warm feeling using it.

The colours are very 'Ashley-ish' Wonder if I could make the time to make a small quilt or Quillow as a present. Or maybe I'll wait a bit...

Very apt for an engagement gift

See how crisp the points end up.
Only snag is I had already made the background for the wall hanging and the heart turned out just a little bigger (or shall I say wider) then I thought so it ended up as a pin cushion.
This is the bit that I don't really enjoy. You really need to make sure when you start off you over sew the first few stitches. You can use paper that dissolves in water or inter facing. Tracing paper is good as it tears off a lot easier then normal paper.

And very satisfying when you see this little pile.....

Notice the two hand pose? Well, only a woman would understand the difficulty in trying to balance your camera on such an un-even surface!!
This is the inside of a duvet Lily decided to take apart one night. Knew it was being kept for a reason!

I used the back of the 'wall hanging' as a back to the pincushion. Actually worked out really well.

The cottage is getting tidier. Just need to get my act together to paint the door and the windows and also the whole of the front of the cottage.
And yep, I have been bitten with Lucy's new blanket bug! I need to use up a lot of my wool before I can get any more. I thought the granny stripe would be a really good way use up the different one balls of colour. So once I have made my blanket using the Jacob's wool I can make a start on de-stashing!!

Lucy (and everyone else) is right. It is a really simple to follow pattern you can find it here.
I have used a 4.5mm hook and the yarn is DK. I like the colours in this one.

As you can see Marmalade has no shame..

Who me??

And sometimes it is all just so much hard work!
Keep your fingers crossed for me. The hours that I have at work are not really enough to run a house on so I have applied for the post of Gardener/grounds person, as well as my job as carer (I wouldn't give that up for the world.) I can work as hard as any man, I am passionate about gardening. I am practical, can paint, sweep, carry etc. I'd like to grow lots of flowers for cutting so that the residents can all enjoy them and lots of scented flowers so that the residents who's eye sight is not as good as it used to would also get lots out of it, but I just have a gut feeling that they are after a bloke (the advert did say building experience you see). We'll see. All I can do is try, and at the end of the day that is all any of us can do.
Nice to post about craft things again!!
Enjoy your weekend.
Colette xx


  1. Your quilting fabric is gorgeous. I love your garden and cottage! Absolutely beautiful.:-)

  2. Wow, I wondered what you'd been up to, and now I can see! I must add foundation piecing to my 'to-do' list- and the granny blanket has been tempting me too. Good luck with the job, fingers crossed. x

  3. Goodness have so many talents,and your patchwork is amazing!Do hope you get the job.Your furry friends are so sweet!

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. Fingers crossed! What lovely quilting and a mammoth post!!! Great to see you back. xxxx

  5. I do hope you get the job, it sounds just right for you. I'd give you a job, you have really thought of the care side of the job. I too had wondered what you had been up to and thank you for showing us.

  6. The heart block is fabulous! It looks like you have been keeping busy!

  7. Thank you for the good luck wishes with the job, after seeing the young builder-type chap who call in for a application form today at work, I some how feel I sort of I don't stand too much of a chance, you can just hear me at the interview, erm... I don't have experience, but I have gardened since I was a tot, erm, I can do my own DIY etc, erm.. I like (love) working here, erm.... Maybe I should try, give me the job or else I'll go to Morrisons!! We'll just have to wait and see.

  8. Colette - Everyone knows women work harder than men...what's that quote about Fred Astaire the famous dancer...his partner Ginger Rodgers did everything Fred did, but backwards and in high heels. You would be great at that job. Hope it goes well for you. The wedding gift looks fantastic!

  9. lots of luck with the gardening job!!!! will keep fingers crossed! Your quilting looks lovely.


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