Thursday, 17 June 2010

Someone slap me please!!

Let me explain....

I belong to a scheme, an alternative currency. In stead of being paid for jobs eg. cleaning gardening in cash, you get paid in Nets.

This is how it works - it is a bit hard to get your head around to start with.

You buy into the scheme, for £5. In return for this you get 6 nets, a paper cheque book and a directory with what other providers have to offer.

I put in that I can offer cleaning, gardening, pet sitting, old people sitting, patchwork lessons etc.

I have been surprised the number of people asking for things to be done. You get paid in Nets, 1 net equals roughly £1. This is paid into a 'bank'. They encourage you to go into 'debt' so that they know you will always be willing to work. The snag is, I can't see anything that I need help for or want in the directory. My balance is nearly 300 nets (I have had a whippet type dog to stay for 17 days) but I can't see ANYTHING that I can spend them on!! - Just think what I could spend £300 on!!

This is where I need a slap. I have limited time. I have my own garden to do and never seem to get my arse in gear enough to get on top of it at the moment. I have my own cottage to clean, again, it could do with a through blitz.

So why am I going out of my way, on my day off to clean for and old lady who is recovering from a stroke in the morning, then in the afternoon gardening for a lady who suffers with ME but can do most things fine. (decides to pay me 6 nets (equivalent to roughly £6) as she feels she over paid me last time!! - and bearing in mind I was digging over her veg patch at 3pm today, flipping hot, makes herself a cold drink but doesn't ask if I'd like some water!!)

So, I came home, made fairy cakes for Jasper then went out into my own veg patch and gardened, until Jasp was so hungry he asked for supper. I have also decided that I have got to say no, sorry, I can't at the moment the next time I am asked to do anything for Nets

Back in my own Garden, the compost (one of many) is in need of sorting out as there was a rat in there in the winter and he (she?) ate all the worms so it has sort of stopped working.

I cut down a tree that was shadowing one of the veg beds (and was blocking out the neighbours light into their conservatory. This had made the veg patch (My back garden allotment) seem much bigger.

FINALLY got some runner beans in (this gardener is way behind on even the simplest things this year)

Emptied out one compost bin......

See this is my garden. I am almost up the top and you can just see my cottage roof above the Poly tunnel. This is why I have to say no!! There is just me to keep on top of all this. I know it isn't wide but it is jolly long, and there is also the front garden.
Days like today I am filled with a mix of emotions, pride that I do it, bewilderment as I don't know where to start sometimes, joy that it belongs to me, and jut sometimes a wave of loneliness. There is no one inside who is interested in what I have done. No one to say come see. But then I snap out of it and remember how darn lucky I am.

But I would love to live here. That is exactly, I mean EXACTLY, what I want to live in one day. Add a rocking chair out there and I'd be sorted.

It is getting on. Found a Charity shop selling Arran weight wool, 100g for £2.79 the same colours that i used in the hug. Shame I decided that I wasn't going to buy any more wool until I had used up some of what is in the shed.....

I almost forgot. I do have help (or should that be hindrance) in the garden..

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