Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Holiday, crochet, (help please!!) Sea, Mugged and Special Birthday.

Hello. Do you like my new mug? Great isn't it. I have been given it by a friend. Wondering if I should take it to work, that way everyone will know it is mine!!
Jose and I went to stay at my sisters in Portloe, Cornwall whilst she was up in Glastonbury working. We went down on the Wednesday (I was already missing work as I had had 3 days off already) Came home on the Saturday afternoon/evening instead of Sunday. (I was really, really, missing work!! - crazy huh!! Just wondered if everyone was OK etc. I guess that is good, shows I love my job!)) Also it was so so hot and OK, I'll own up to being a bit of a home bug! (I am also wondering if I should withdraw my job application for Gardener - I'll let you know on that one)

What I also liked was time with just me and Jose. (She had her last exam on Monday so she has now officially left school, boy do I feel old!!) No pressures, no housework but I have yet to learn the art of totally switching off. but after speaking to Mum and Dooks, I do not hold out much hope as neither of them can at 65 or 87! Also Dooks had a really nasty fall on Friday. It really brought it home to me how far away from my folks Cornwall is. (for me anyway)

Oh, almost forgot. OK, rewind. I spent time with my two very special girls.

Saw wonderful sunsets that made me sad. Sad because I always wanted to live where this is what I saw before I went to bed every night, right the way from 18 years old I have wanted to live there, but my dreams have been slightly shattered because it has changed. So much so because places have to adapt to survive, the tourist trade brings in so much revenue etc etc the easiest way to explain it is this bit of an e-mail I sent to a friend.
Shame that time can't be turned back isn't it, the dream place one falls in love with is of Derek and Leo's books all those years ago. Or maybe it is the fantasy of the life they led at that time. The longing for the simplicity of that way of life. (or the happy coupledom that they wrote about)
The same friend told me that there are still parts that are so special and unspoilt. I know I am so lucky as Dorset is pretty fab too.
I guess I just feel a little unsettled at the moment in all parts of my life in some small way or another.
Never mind. Jose and I had a great time, that is all that matters!

We had tea and fairy cakes. Market research you understand, Jose and I are hopefully doing fairy cakes for Ashley's wedding.
The service was pants (I am not joking) The chap go it all mixed up. So Josie's cold chocolate milkshake became hot chocolate, My coffee became de-cafe and cold.
Fairy cake was forgotten...... but in the end it was OK.
We sat on the beach, just shared time, not always talking, just being in each others company.

St Ives, pretty nice huh!! I think of how Noelle
must find living here in the summer. We went to the Tate and I would have to say I am not a lover of modern art type!!

Then I was MUGGED!!!!! First Ice Cream of the season, walked away from the shop, suddenly didn't know what had happened. Bugger nicked my Ice cream. I didn't know if I should have laughed or cried. We laughed instead!!


Now, I need help, or advice.

I am making a hug bag, with wool left over from Ashley's hug blanket
No matter , how hard I try I can not for the life of me get the attic 24 flat circle to be flat. What am I doing wrong?

You know when you come across another blog and think how come I have missed that. Have a look here, unless you folloe the link when people leave a comment you can miis some of the nicest ones. Have a look at this.
I sat on the beach I and tried to finish off My Mums Birthday present and Jose and Lily swam in the seam


My Mum, 65 !!
So all in all a lovely week, somewhere different, but VERY glad to be home - Boring huh!! Ha Ha!!


  1. Oh St Ives!!! Yep, those Seagulls are skilled - Everybody falls foul of them at some time or other.
    LOVE the quilt - what a Masterpiece!! Happy Birthday Mum.

  2. I'm not sure what you're doing wrong with Lucy's bag bottom but keep trying,it does work as i've made one and i'm no expert at following crochet patterns! Good luck x

  3. It sounds as though you've had a wonderful few days in Cornwall. Sitting on a beautiful beach in the sunshine and stitching - perfection!

  4. That mug is really cute.How refreshing to hear of someone who loves their job!
    It is sad when our special places change..as they must with the times.Cornwall holds lots of wonderful family holiday memories for me too.
    That naughty seagull,what a cheek!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  5. Thank you for adding a link to me....i didn't mind at all! x

  6. That quilt is gorgeous - so cheerful with all those lovely hens, must have taken ages, she must be so delighted! Sorry I don't know with the crochet xx

  7. Love the photos! I think with the crochet, you need to decrease the amount of stitches around the edge, maybe crochet a stitch in every second stitch. This happens to me when I'm making hats in crochet. The sunsets look beautiful:-)

  8. Love your quilt! I'm sure your Mum did too - doesn't she look good? I am 65 too - wish I could wear shorts! :0)
    Val xx

  9. I am sure I have seen that wanted poster before!
    Love the chicken on the patchwork Colette, can't help with the crochet though, I can just about manage a granny square!
    Glad you had a good holiday, something to look back on with fond memories.

  10. Rotten seagulls!
    You have to adjust your number of stitches in the crochet to get it flat - crinkling edges means too many stitches, I think.
    Nice Blog, by the way.

  11. Ah, you were here!! sorry about the seagull, although we spend all winter training them to do that!! Not sure about your crochet, its really not my thing as much as i try. x x x


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