Saturday, 19 June 2010

Got to go to work!

I saw this the other day on one pretty thing. I have had plenty of goes at making felted soap (I mean PLENTY) but they always fall apart, or just don't felt as I thought they would. But their tutorial just seemed to click. The main bit, don't dunk your soap!!

So needing to wash the mud out of my hands before going off to work I thought I would have one final go.


Take a long time but it is a really nice feeling.

Smells nice too as I used a bar of Dove soap.

Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!!

Bum, late for work xx


  1. One of my many sisters make these - they sell very well @ craftfairs ;)

  2. Patty at Magpie's nest has been making these too - I'm going to have a go.

    I just love love your new background !

  3. looks brilliant! Have never made any before but am tempted to have a go.


  4. Like your new layout ! Soap hey, never tried that ! x x x

  5. Ooo! Exellent timing. Karen and I were trying to make felted soap yesterday and failing miserably. lol.
    I didn't buy any of the little tiny felted bits but you could use them like beads and string them onto things, key rings, mobiles, bag charmes etc.

  6. I made these two Christmases ago .... that's what everyone got then! My supply is just holding out but I will certainly make them again.
    Love your site :0)


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