Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Holiday, crochet, (help please!!) Sea, Mugged and Special Birthday.

Hello. Do you like my new mug? Great isn't it. I have been given it by a friend. Wondering if I should take it to work, that way everyone will know it is mine!!
Jose and I went to stay at my sisters in Portloe, Cornwall whilst she was up in Glastonbury working. We went down on the Wednesday (I was already missing work as I had had 3 days off already) Came home on the Saturday afternoon/evening instead of Sunday. (I was really, really, missing work!! - crazy huh!! Just wondered if everyone was OK etc. I guess that is good, shows I love my job!)) Also it was so so hot and OK, I'll own up to being a bit of a home bug! (I am also wondering if I should withdraw my job application for Gardener - I'll let you know on that one)

What I also liked was time with just me and Jose. (She had her last exam on Monday so she has now officially left school, boy do I feel old!!) No pressures, no housework but I have yet to learn the art of totally switching off. but after speaking to Mum and Dooks, I do not hold out much hope as neither of them can at 65 or 87! Also Dooks had a really nasty fall on Friday. It really brought it home to me how far away from my folks Cornwall is. (for me anyway)

Oh, almost forgot. OK, rewind. I spent time with my two very special girls.

Saw wonderful sunsets that made me sad. Sad because I always wanted to live where this is what I saw before I went to bed every night, right the way from 18 years old I have wanted to live there, but my dreams have been slightly shattered because it has changed. So much so because places have to adapt to survive, the tourist trade brings in so much revenue etc etc the easiest way to explain it is this bit of an e-mail I sent to a friend.
Shame that time can't be turned back isn't it, the dream place one falls in love with is of Derek and Leo's books all those years ago. Or maybe it is the fantasy of the life they led at that time. The longing for the simplicity of that way of life. (or the happy coupledom that they wrote about)
The same friend told me that there are still parts that are so special and unspoilt. I know I am so lucky as Dorset is pretty fab too.
I guess I just feel a little unsettled at the moment in all parts of my life in some small way or another.
Never mind. Jose and I had a great time, that is all that matters!

We had tea and fairy cakes. Market research you understand, Jose and I are hopefully doing fairy cakes for Ashley's wedding.
The service was pants (I am not joking) The chap go it all mixed up. So Josie's cold chocolate milkshake became hot chocolate, My coffee became de-cafe and cold.
Fairy cake was forgotten...... but in the end it was OK.
We sat on the beach, just shared time, not always talking, just being in each others company.

St Ives, pretty nice huh!! I think of how Noelle
must find living here in the summer. We went to the Tate and I would have to say I am not a lover of modern art type!!

Then I was MUGGED!!!!! First Ice Cream of the season, walked away from the shop, suddenly didn't know what had happened. Bugger nicked my Ice cream. I didn't know if I should have laughed or cried. We laughed instead!!


Now, I need help, or advice.

I am making a hug bag, with wool left over from Ashley's hug blanket
No matter , how hard I try I can not for the life of me get the attic 24 flat circle to be flat. What am I doing wrong?

You know when you come across another blog and think how come I have missed that. Have a look here, unless you folloe the link when people leave a comment you can miis some of the nicest ones. Have a look at this.
I sat on the beach I and tried to finish off My Mums Birthday present and Jose and Lily swam in the seam


My Mum, 65 !!
So all in all a lovely week, somewhere different, but VERY glad to be home - Boring huh!! Ha Ha!!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Got to go to work!

I saw this the other day on one pretty thing. I have had plenty of goes at making felted soap (I mean PLENTY) but they always fall apart, or just don't felt as I thought they would. But their tutorial just seemed to click. The main bit, don't dunk your soap!!

So needing to wash the mud out of my hands before going off to work I thought I would have one final go.


Take a long time but it is a really nice feeling.

Smells nice too as I used a bar of Dove soap.

Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!!

Bum, late for work xx

Friday, 18 June 2010


How did that happen??

OK, so I have the will power of a slug!!

They have just picked up the whippet I have been looking after and paid me in real money!!!

Might just have to get one more ball of each......... well, it is really soft.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Someone slap me please!!

Let me explain....

I belong to a scheme, an alternative currency. In stead of being paid for jobs eg. cleaning gardening in cash, you get paid in Nets.

This is how it works - it is a bit hard to get your head around to start with.

You buy into the scheme, for £5. In return for this you get 6 nets, a paper cheque book and a directory with what other providers have to offer.

I put in that I can offer cleaning, gardening, pet sitting, old people sitting, patchwork lessons etc.

I have been surprised the number of people asking for things to be done. You get paid in Nets, 1 net equals roughly £1. This is paid into a 'bank'. They encourage you to go into 'debt' so that they know you will always be willing to work. The snag is, I can't see anything that I need help for or want in the directory. My balance is nearly 300 nets (I have had a whippet type dog to stay for 17 days) but I can't see ANYTHING that I can spend them on!! - Just think what I could spend £300 on!!

This is where I need a slap. I have limited time. I have my own garden to do and never seem to get my arse in gear enough to get on top of it at the moment. I have my own cottage to clean, again, it could do with a through blitz.

So why am I going out of my way, on my day off to clean for and old lady who is recovering from a stroke in the morning, then in the afternoon gardening for a lady who suffers with ME but can do most things fine. (decides to pay me 6 nets (equivalent to roughly £6) as she feels she over paid me last time!! - and bearing in mind I was digging over her veg patch at 3pm today, flipping hot, makes herself a cold drink but doesn't ask if I'd like some water!!)

So, I came home, made fairy cakes for Jasper then went out into my own veg patch and gardened, until Jasp was so hungry he asked for supper. I have also decided that I have got to say no, sorry, I can't at the moment the next time I am asked to do anything for Nets

Back in my own Garden, the compost (one of many) is in need of sorting out as there was a rat in there in the winter and he (she?) ate all the worms so it has sort of stopped working.

I cut down a tree that was shadowing one of the veg beds (and was blocking out the neighbours light into their conservatory. This had made the veg patch (My back garden allotment) seem much bigger.

FINALLY got some runner beans in (this gardener is way behind on even the simplest things this year)

Emptied out one compost bin......

See this is my garden. I am almost up the top and you can just see my cottage roof above the Poly tunnel. This is why I have to say no!! There is just me to keep on top of all this. I know it isn't wide but it is jolly long, and there is also the front garden.
Days like today I am filled with a mix of emotions, pride that I do it, bewilderment as I don't know where to start sometimes, joy that it belongs to me, and jut sometimes a wave of loneliness. There is no one inside who is interested in what I have done. No one to say come see. But then I snap out of it and remember how darn lucky I am.

But I would love to live here. That is exactly, I mean EXACTLY, what I want to live in one day. Add a rocking chair out there and I'd be sorted.

It is getting on. Found a Charity shop selling Arran weight wool, 100g for £2.79 the same colours that i used in the hug. Shame I decided that I wasn't going to buy any more wool until I had used up some of what is in the shed.....

I almost forgot. I do have help (or should that be hindrance) in the garden..

Friday, 11 June 2010

Filling my time......

This is my niece Ashley and her boyfriend ray. Correction, her fiancee. They are getting married on the 31st July as Ray is off to do his GP training in Chichester. She is so excited it is lovely. Jose is going to be a bridesmaid so she too is dead excited.

I wanted to make a small engagement present. I have brought her her wedding dress but wanted to do something else. So I have this pile of fabric...

An this....... (I LOVE my sewing machine!!)

So I thought that I would make a small wall hanging..... well that is what it started out as....

I really enjoy doing foundation patchwork. There is no brain strain with it.

Simple, a bit like dot to dot. Have a look here
It is a really easy way to get very sharp points on small (or large blocks) I have lots if anyone would like some to try. Happy to post.

See easy... painting by numbers almost

The famous pin cushion in used. Ann was right, it is just perfect, pins go in really easily. Had a sort of warm feeling using it.

The colours are very 'Ashley-ish' Wonder if I could make the time to make a small quilt or Quillow as a present. Or maybe I'll wait a bit...

Very apt for an engagement gift

See how crisp the points end up.
Only snag is I had already made the background for the wall hanging and the heart turned out just a little bigger (or shall I say wider) then I thought so it ended up as a pin cushion.
This is the bit that I don't really enjoy. You really need to make sure when you start off you over sew the first few stitches. You can use paper that dissolves in water or inter facing. Tracing paper is good as it tears off a lot easier then normal paper.

And very satisfying when you see this little pile.....

Notice the two hand pose? Well, only a woman would understand the difficulty in trying to balance your camera on such an un-even surface!!
This is the inside of a duvet Lily decided to take apart one night. Knew it was being kept for a reason!

I used the back of the 'wall hanging' as a back to the pincushion. Actually worked out really well.

The cottage is getting tidier. Just need to get my act together to paint the door and the windows and also the whole of the front of the cottage.
And yep, I have been bitten with Lucy's new blanket bug! I need to use up a lot of my wool before I can get any more. I thought the granny stripe would be a really good way use up the different one balls of colour. So once I have made my blanket using the Jacob's wool I can make a start on de-stashing!!

Lucy (and everyone else) is right. It is a really simple to follow pattern you can find it here.
I have used a 4.5mm hook and the yarn is DK. I like the colours in this one.

As you can see Marmalade has no shame..

Who me??

And sometimes it is all just so much hard work!
Keep your fingers crossed for me. The hours that I have at work are not really enough to run a house on so I have applied for the post of Gardener/grounds person, as well as my job as carer (I wouldn't give that up for the world.) I can work as hard as any man, I am passionate about gardening. I am practical, can paint, sweep, carry etc. I'd like to grow lots of flowers for cutting so that the residents can all enjoy them and lots of scented flowers so that the residents who's eye sight is not as good as it used to would also get lots out of it, but I just have a gut feeling that they are after a bloke (the advert did say building experience you see). We'll see. All I can do is try, and at the end of the day that is all any of us can do.
Nice to post about craft things again!!
Enjoy your weekend.
Colette xx

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