Friday, 30 April 2010

Work, Rest & Play......

That was the theme for the art papers at GCSE level for Jose. I haven't been over to school yet but apparently they are being displayed in the reception. As you can see Lil is demonstrating the 'play' theme.
This was her interpretation of the work of another artist (but I can remember who it was - sorry) but the marsh mellows tasted really nice.
I am baffled that when I took art we used what was in the art room at the time. Nope, this exam has cost me a small fortune. Her teacher wanted them all to do a mock up of what the though they would do, these are the photos here. Jose did send me photos of the final bits but they are on my phone and I haven't worked out how to get them off it onto the computer. Technical stuff and all that.
Again her interpretation of another artist (her Dad said eventually he'd like to have one of her pieces hanging on his wall. (seeing that he pays NO maintenance I mentioned to Jose being an original art work he can flipping well buy it!!)
Mock up of WORK (this is just a basic idea, her actual exam piece had plenty of Work related embellishments. - also if you look at the photo of just the shoe you'll see a bee which Lily ate before this photo!)
Mock up of Rest (I like the shoe for this - unfortunately so did Lily, one day both children will remember, no matter how rushed you are just pick up precious things from the floor as Lily sulks when I go to work!)
Again another mock of play.

These are the shoes that formed the centre of the display. Jose is totally unlike me as in her interest in Fashion, London and basically her obsessions with shoes made by some Christian Louboutin person!! What is so special about these shoes, they are too high, too expensive and the bottoms are red (gloss paint and a steady hand is all you need!!)
Work (see the bee)

Rest (didn't look like that when I picked up all the bits and stuck them back on before she came home from school)

Play (Lily didn't seem to like the taste of this one)

Another interpretation of someones work. I really love this. What did we do before hot melt glue guns were invented?

Then the younger J has played his last match of the season for county. I still can't believe how much he has grown up. Bit too much sometimes. There are a few issues at the moment that I am trying to work out the best way or actually anyway to deal with. Important ones, he has very strong views on certain things that I have no idea where they have come from, fear maybe but somehow he has got to learn that not everyone is going to fit into the correct life category. And how close takeing the mick is to bullying. But that aside at the moment he played really really well.

Poppy cottage's transformation is still under way. It has taken a long time and I kind of got a little bit lost along the way, you know mucked around by builder blah blah blah........
Lily has a friend to stay for the week, the local vet has gone away and I seem to have been trusted with his pride and joy (also happens to be Lily's best friend whilst out walking) They have played non stop in the house, out of the house, in the garden, on the garden. There are just a few time they have had a falling out, it is funny to see, Chrissy goes like a drama queen, almost 'I can't look at you Lily as my feelings are hurt!!' This lasts a few minutes then back to playing around.
As you can see there are time that they each need a bit of space.....
Kinda feel a bit sorry for Lil.
Lily is definitely a 'just me and Mum dog' roll on Tuesday when it gets back to just me and Lily. (and the J's will be back at school)
My friend Rob helped me sort out my front path. I say helped me, I mean, made it look like a real path whilst I just carried stones (we have used the ones from the house that were taken out when the kitchen was done to edge the path) Sorry the photo is dark, I took the photo's late last night.

My 'free' new gate. (I never said I was proud. Pot of hammerite and a dry day, that's all I need)
I just love it, when the path gravel turned up it wasn't what I wanted, I have to stop being so impatient, go and see what you are ordering first. But actually it is far better then I could have got the other stuff to look. It will fade in colour (I have been reassured).
So now all that is left is to tidy and put back together the cottage. To paint, make curtains, to sort out.
As you all know I have a dream to go off once the J's leave home and live a very basic life in Devon or Cornwall. The reality of it is I have FAR too much clutter and no matter how much I try and sort through it there is just so much that I just can't part with. I have taken loads to the Charity shop, so there is hope for me yet. I need one of those Life Laundry people. But then again I have the pleasure of having only my children to nag me about the mess and clutter, and the beauty of children is you don't have to listen to everything they say, especially when your son comes home from school and utters in the words of his father, 'just what have you done all day?' Wonder if he will live to be 15?
Now onto something that has really meant so much to me (not that all the above hasn't).
My boss asked me the other day if I was happy in my job. That she had been told that I was unhappy. See women working together. I will never get used to it, no matter how long I work there. Now I shall have to watch even more closely what I say incase it gets taken the wrong way. I love my job, to have a job that you wake up chuffed that you are going to work, is pretty damn good I think. I was given advice when I started (you know how everyone has a bit of advice to offer up. It was this - being single don't make H.H (where I work) your life. I can see what they meant, (I can see it in a carer - it is her life) but in defence of that it is such a lovely place to work, the residents become your friends, it is impossible to prevent that. Saying that, if you don't then really what are you doing being a carer. I think deep down people who become a carer do so for this reason, subconsciously we all have a desire to be wanted, needed and the job does to a certain extent fulfills that desire. Also these people are fascinating, they have such a rich life history behind them, you see photo's of them in their 30's or 40's full of life, hopes and dreams. It is an honour to care for some of them.
Take this lady. Very proud, a staunch Quaker. Her needs have reached the stage where a residential home can no longer meet those needs. She fully understands this. Her mind is still sharp. She has crafts in her room that she has made, from Dorset Feather Stitchery, canvas work and smocking. Me in 60 years time!!! (there is NO way I would be able to fit into one room) I have so much respect for her, she is one I would say to be able to be in the position to provide her personal care has truly been an honour. I will miss her dreadfully when she does move to a care home. I also feel very lucky. These are some of her craft books that she has given to me....
For her Birthday I made her a flower broach and put in the centre a Dorset Cross Wheel button that I made from a book she lent me. I have been searching for a copy of this book (having missed the chance to buy one when I found a copy as I had no money on me and they wouldn't hold it for me!!) Imagine how much it meant to me to have been given her copy of the book. I came home and cried. See, I do have a heart!!

Still inside this book are samples of her work.

So now I guess I will pop into town and get the fabric so that I can hopefully make a start next week on getting my kitchen up together before they come to lay the flooring. Isn't amazing how quickly a small mortgage disappears when you do house improvements. Back to being skint but happy.
Better pick up another cleaning job as the school year of 2010/11 sees a French exchange trip, a New York trip, and a skiing trip or two. I keep thinking to myself that one day the money that I earn will be mine one day.
Or not!!
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. i think the people you care for are very lucky to have someone as lovely as you - and what a wonderful lady you have looked after - her crafting is beautiful.
    i love your garden gate and it looks like all your hard work is definitely paying off! Your daughter is very talented, i love the painting with the camel.
    I don't think our children always appreciate what we do for them at the time - i think when they have children of their own they finally understand!


  2. おしゃれな小物がたくさんですね☆

  3. 'Skint But Happy' can be the name of your new blog when you de-clutter and move to Cornwall!
    I see the creative gene runs in the family - catch up with you soon x

  4. Hello, don't seem to have seen you around much lately, now I see why!
    As other comments have said, I hope I have someone as thoughtful as you looking after me when I am old and past it!
    Take care of yourself.

  5. I reckon you can still move to Cornwall, just in a slightly larger house than you perhaps originally intended - when your money is all yours (I don't think as parents this time will ever come for us though!) You have been so busy - good to see how the cottage is coming along. I am so glad to know there are true carers like you in the profession, what an immense difference it makes to the residents to be truly valued. xx

  6. A friend did say that I could have a little cottage for me and three containers for the rest of my clutter!!!!

    That age old saying - 'Behind every tidy house is a very bored woman' Needless to say I will NEVER be bored!!

  7. what a wonderful post. School art amases me these days- O'level like the old A level standard and A level these days like a degree! I'm staggered by some of Jess' friends' work on A level art courses.
    Children are quite opinionated these days - I love a healthy discussion around are kitchen table as long as it doesn't get too heated. I love how the kids form their opinions. Sometimes Joe is quite cynical.

    I hope the work situation resloves itself - my brother's girlfriend is a carer and one of her superiors is making life difficult for her because she questioned an order about distributig drugs. She was in the right but the other woman has made a huge issue about it.

    Take care

  8. Thanks Bad Penny. Work is fine, I love everything about it. Just feels odd not knowing who told your boss you were unhappy, when actually totally the opposite. But as I said, it will just make me even more careful to think before I open my mouth and say anything. It is all about team work isn't it. You are all in the job for the same reason, to care for the people who live there. Hope your brother's girlfriend get it sorted.

    Colette xx

  9. What a massive post!! Brilliant art work, ex obviously a git!!, Cottage looking very fabulous, workmates sounding "typical"! Glad you love your job. I know what you mean about hanging on to stuff - I do keep trying to declutter! Good luck saving up for the trips - have you asked the school if you can get help with the costs? I know that my lads school have something whereby single parents get help. If you don't ask, you don't get. Great to see you back. xxx

  10. We should all resolve to declutter before a certain date- I keep trying but just end up putting stuff in rooms that I can shut the door on.
    Art O level- sorry GCSE was never like that when I was doing it- it looks much more fun now- I love the key to my heart one!
    Having said that about decluttering your cottage looks lovely and cosy and welcoming- don't change a thing.
    Lucky lucky people having you looking after them- find out who is stabbing you in the back and make a voodoo doll to stick pins in =O)

  11. This must be the lady who has just died, I'm way behind in my blog reading and commenting so missed this. What a wonderful selection of books she gave you and the samples of her work make them even better. I'd love to do Dorset Feather Stitching and learn how to make Dorset Buttons. Could you maybe make and frame a collage of her work as a memento?

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