Friday, 19 March 2010

Wonder if this is a do-able dream...........

Have a look at this

A bit about me.... (most of you know)

I would love to live in Cornwall, I don't know 100% why but I just would.

I like a very simple life, I don't want to be well off, just enough to get by and pay bills. I am not a follower of fashion, latest trends etc.

I have this silly, burning desire to own a wool/craft/tea shop, somewhere where workshops can be run from, friends can come and put on workshops, sell their stuff. Where people can mill around chat, craft, drink endless cups of coffee, meet new friends, share interests. Almost like a craft drop in centre. My friend Nicki and I often talk about it. Would it work, how would we go about it, you know, over cup of coffee ramblings.

Still, you never know one day I might break out of my little comfort bubble and try something like that. If the J's were older I think I would be very tempted. I could sell up and go on an adventure. Fowey is the most magical place, very popular with sailors, so maybe there would be water widows who would like to craft or learn new crafts while their loved ones go and play on water. It is full of quaint little craft shops, full of pre-made stuff but there is no wool shop, nope. Couldn't see a craft shop. I could run a B&B again, offering craft holidays..........

Enough mutterings, I would be too scared to actually do something positive like that, maybe in a few years time you never know. Maybe I'll surprise everyone and do something outrageous!! I have just dropped Jose off to school with her textile course work almost finished (nothing like leaving it to the last minute, but it is done. I would LOVE to do a textile course, LOVE to go to uni to do art and textiles.

Hey, maybe in 2 and a half years time, when I hit 40 (how did that come about so fast!!) I might actually do something like that.

You know when your head is just so so full of things, ideas, thoughts, hopes and dreams and you would just like to pause it for just a little while but you can't find that switch.

Someone at work said to me that I was quiet the other day, then there is a whole new thing to worry about, times when you just want to be quiet, to not join in 'chat' you have to be so careful that is doesn't come across as being grumpy or rude. It is complicated this life stuff. So much to always take into consideration. I found it difficult the other day when I was ironing stuff at work and one carer came in to grumble about the other. I don't want to know, to get caught into that bitching about another one thing. If you have a problem, deal with it or say someting to that person. We are all working for the same purpose, to care for the people who live there. AAAGGGGHHH!!!

I was so chuffed that I was going to have these regular hours, I had started to plan things, work out in advance when I could go and do things, see friends I hadn't seen for ages. Looks like that isn't going to happen, long story (to long to write) I have got some more hours but as it is done on a two week rota the second week I have 9 hrs. Mmmm... try running a household on that! What would be perfect if two nights a week came up. Now THAT would be PERFECT!!! You never know, one day.

But I have started to make things again. When I can be bothered to tidy and find the camera I will post a photo.

I could have washed up, tidied the kitchen and drank at least 3 cups of coffee whilst I was doing this!!

BUT THE BUILDER HAS PROMISED TO TURN UP ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only snag is the plumber will be here doing the bathroom too.

Looks like it could be a slightly stressed week next week.


  1. I know what you mean - it would be lovely to do something like that. Good luck with the builder. We have just had a nightmare week with a plumber!!! Puts you off rennovating!!!xxxx

  2. there's nothing wrong with dreaming - and who knows what the future may hold! I would love to do a textiles course - maybe one day! I hope your week isn't too stressful. Have a lovely weekend.


  3. Funny.. but I have the same sort of open a little tea shop and sell my bits and pieces of china etc at the back of the shop.All the cakes and pastries would be homemade...(by me!)...and there would be vintage cups and saucers(the ones I've been collecting all these years)on the tables.It would have to be in a little village and near the sea of course!My sister and I often talk about doing this together,and if we had the finances..we would! You keep holding on to that never day it might come true!

    Bellaboo :o)

  4. Dreaming is good for you. I like your dream can I share it too?

  5. Yes I like your dream too - and you've got plenty of time to turn it onto a reality - I'm just the other side of 40 and think it's always worth taking small steps towards a bigger goal even if you can't do the whole thing at once! Cornwall is such a good place to consider having a tea and wool shop too.
    I'd love to do a proper textile course as well - wish I could go back a few (!) years and go back to college - but then one day that'll be an option again - (the college bit that is rather than the time-travelling bit!)
    Hope work improves and your builder turns up!! xx

  6. Ha! Colette, it's one of the main things we talk about!
    And yes, over endless tea, coffee, biscuits, cake.....

    someone needs to give us a kick up the bum!

  7. I love your dream - I would come on a mixed media course !!!

  8. I live near Bude in North Cornwall and would love it if you opened your dream shop here.

  9. Cornwall is my dream too, but further down the peninsula. thankyou so much for the bag patterns. check out my post 'In Praise of Bloggers'. I've started knitting and mine too has a pointy bottom - so I'm making a feature of it.

  10. Don't stop dreaming, we all need goals.

    If you don't have a goal you just end up running around the field and never score!

    This motivational quote was one of half a dozen put up on the walls in the M&S store where I once worked. They were there to encourage us to work harder and be more productive... well they certainly worked on me. They didn't make me more productive, they just made me realise I really did want to leave M&S and escape to the country where I could concentrate more on my sewing and craft...and hey presto, here I am living in a National Park stitching and selling items in a gift shop. Ok I still work part time in a pub kitchen, but it sure does beat standing in a 3 foot fitting room for hours at a time, or behind a till serving customers who don't even acknowledge your presence.

  11. First I was captivated by the brilliance of the poppy in the icon I discovered on another blog so I followed to here where I was intrigued by the header with your delightful pets...
    It is wonderful to dream and you are still a young lass with your whole life ahead. Never give up the dream for it inspires, warms the soul and allows you to think that anything is possible...
    Susan (a fellow dreamer)

  12. it's good to dream, it's a very healthy and inspiring thing to do. some of your dreams,the ones you really want can come true. it think you would make a wonderful owner of a wool/craft/coffee shop, i wish there was one here.

    wamest thoughts and hugs xxx


  13. Hi - I come from Fowey, went to school there, lived there when my boy was a's an artificial place that's sold out to kitch and tacky rubbish. It's dead most of the year as the richies hardly live there and locals have been driven in land as there's no where left in cornwall we can wonder I retreated to the for making a living in fowey? you would need to work 12 hours a day seven days a week and have a fall back plan....the place is full of places to eat, buy a spar shop or happy shopper of something useful to Fowey

  14. hi Colette

    thank you so much for your very kind comment. i do hope that some day i can cross the border to Dorset and you are likewise welcome to a cuppa if you fancy a trip to Somerset

    wishing you and yours a lovely easter filled with jollity (we'll try not to notice the torrential rain) xxx



  15. Thank you for your visit and for your kind words!
    I just discovered your blog and I'm feeling very well here.
    I'm glad that the world is not so large as I thought!(regarding your Romanian neighbors)
    I make huge efforts to improve my English and that's why I write in English on my blog.
    Please be patient with my mistakes!

    I wish you to have
    Happy Eastern!

  16. Sorry,I meant "Romanian neighbor".

  17. Lovely dream- when you get it let us know- dreams come true sometimes...


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