Saturday, 6 March 2010

Doesn't time fly.

You know what it is like. You sit down to do a post, head full of ideas and then life just gets in the way, or you think you'll just have a quick look and everyone else's blog, then you follow a link from theirs and before you know it best part of an hour is gone.

We all start with such a flourish, posting daily.......see look. Started this an hour ago. The called to help find art stuff so that Jose can go over to a friends to do course work. Now got to print out some invoices for a friend. Maybe I should come back to this after work tonight. Best idea so far today.

OK. Nice shift at work. I have now finished my 'Safe Handling of Medication' course so can hopefully get a bit sorted out at home. Now that's a joke as a month ago the builder came.. then went..... then came back for a day.... then left. This is a bit difficult as the builder is a sort of friend. I phoned, texted, rang the home phone, spoke the his wife, his son, yep, he'd phone me back........

Now I am a pretty laid back person (Not sure if the J's would agree) but in the end, I have to say, I don't mind him not turning up, but, and here is the big but, I would just like to know!!

So I went up there. So, a promise of coming back next week...........shall we watch this space????

Right, on to something far more interesting. My lovely niece Ashley has mastered the art of crochet. it was a joy to teach her, although I think she had already got the basics. I showed her how to join as you go like this and I sent her up to my shed full of wool to pick out what colours she liked. She seems to have a mature idea of colours and is very into this (I'm jut showing off how easy it is to like to different sites - it has taken me so long to really understand how it works) SO she came down with an armful of colours, colours that I wouldn't really have thought about putting together, but once they are then they look fantastic!!
(She was like a child on Christmas eve)

What do you think? Not bad for her first attempt.
She has today moved out of Halls into a room in a house. The couple who are now her landlords sound really great. She has been told by her Nan (who finally had her hip op on Saturday) to remember that she has course work to do rather then crochet!! As you can tell my dear old Mum hasn't been bitten by the 'Crochet Bug'!
Other stuff that has been going on is I joined the Lets Scheme in Bridport, read about it here. Basically one net (currency) is equal to a pound but no money changes hands. I have hoovered, looked after a dog for the night and made apple cakes. A tip for apple cakes. If you are a) running short on Apples and you have scrummy apples with interesting skins b) can be bothered to peel loads of said apple, leave the skins on. They were pretty scrummy and looked a bit more interesting.
Oh well, I am actually off to bed. I have a child free night, I could do LOADS of me related things, but, all I want to do is go to bed early. Boy I must be getting old!!
Poppy is still in an unfinished state (along with SO many other things in the cottage)
Have a great weekend xx


  1. Well done Ashley - I still can't crochet in spite of the attempts of several people over the years to teach me! I know what you mean about posting on your blog, I don't do nearly as many now as I did when I started.

  2. You're teaching the next generation of crafters! Now Ashley will have a v helpful technique for dealing with exam stress or writer's block. You're a good auntie ;-)

  3. We've employed a number of builders/electricians/carpenters who happen to be friends hoping they'd be more reliable / trustworthy and it's really tricky isn't it. Your builder sounds like the ones in 'A Year In Provence' - hilarious to read, but no fun to experience I'll bet. Some schools in America allow students to knit/crochet in class as they think it improves their concentration and listening skills. Get your niece to take her crochet into Uni and she could start a new trend. BTW, how did your bucket bag turn out & are you going to post on it - would love the pattern.

  4. the fine art of getting distracted - I've mastered it !
    Well done to Ashley - she is consentrating hard in those pics.
    My seventeen year old should be doing college work but keeps reading reading reading & I can't complain as it's a joy as she is dyslexic. Also there could be far far worse kind a seventeen year old could be doing !

  5. I'm older than you and need to go to bed early too, but have ended up bringing my laptop upstairs so I can catch up on people's blogs at the end of a very busy day. So no early night after all! I thought as you got older you were supposed to need less sleep and wake up bright and early, but that doesn't seem to be working yet.
    Ashley's done really well with her crochet and as you say has put together colours very effectively - hope she does manage to start a new trend at Uni as Tammy says! xx

  6. good job Ashley xxx kudos to her teacher xxx

    your blog is looking so pretty :o)

    hope you have a lovely week xxx
    good luck with the builders!

    hugs xxx


  7. Great to have you back in the land of blogging!! I feel your pain with the builders situation!! xxx

  8. Hi Colette, nice to see you back, Ashleys crochet looks good, making me think i ought to give it another go!! xx

  9. ooh forgot to say , love your new header!!!


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