Saturday, 6 February 2010

I'm bored!!

This is how the conversation started.....

Jasper: "Mum, I'm bored" (Dad is away, Mum's house is rubbish, nothing fun to do)
Mum: "Do you want to take the tiles off the wall in the bathroom for me?" (1st stupid mistake!!)
Jasper: "Yeah, OK. Where's the hammer and dust sheets?" (sounds promising)
Mum: "Dust sheets? Blimey. Why do you want dust sheets?" Trick question!! (found dust sheets and hammer)
Jasper: "To protect the floor boards" (Mum VERY impressed, walks down into town for Jose to catch the bus - 2nd stupid mistake)

Phone call from Jasper.

Jasper: " Hi Mum, how are you?" (alarm bells start to ring inside Mums head.) "Were you planning to plaster the wall?"

Tiles off, wall off, lovely bricks though.

Part of window sill missing..... (can you see the dust sheet, it's the pink sheet looking thing WITH NO DUST OR TILES ON IT!!!!)

Least he kept the loo seat shut.
Mum: "Would you like me to get the bags for you to clear up?"
Jasper: "No, did what you asked, you said tile off. Mum?"
Mum: "Yes?"
Jasper: "I love you"
Good old Mum. Never fails does it, those three words help them get away with blue murder!!


  1. Very funny!
    Not for you of course!...but it will look nice...soon,and he WAS trying to be helpful.

    Bellaboo :)

  2. hahaha this made me laugh so much! haha
    good old jasper..!
    how are you going to decorate the bathroom now..? x x x

  3. oh so helpful-bit like a bull in a china shop-
    Made me laugh though!

  4. oh dear god....bless him.
    As a bricklayer's daughter, I think the bricks look rather lovely....can't you make it a feature wall???
    Not so sure about the window sill.....and what a waste of a good you had crafty plans for that!!

  5. Brilliant - those three little words can get them out of most situations!!


  6. Thank you for this - a warning to me perhaps should either of my boys offer to do a job in the future! Lovely bricks though as you say. Hope it all comes together before too long xx

  7. Oops. I have a son like that too so I do sympathise. Mine just melts my heart by those 3 little words. I'm sure a bit of plaster will soon put the job right again. At least he was a willing helper. Good luck
    If you fancy dropping over to our new blog shop there is a Gift draw going on. Winning some nice blog candy might just help make things seem better for you :-)

    Good luck
    A x

  8. A boy that leaves the toilet seat down??? How did you manage to raise one of those?

  9. Aww bless him my eldest boy once set fire to the back garden , after i asked him to clear some of the weeds !

    Saved you the buttons will be in touch v.soon x

    Sara x

  10. Got to give due where deserved, but heck what a mess, lol.

  11. OOPS !!! why do boys & men only do half the job ? a friend of mine calls her husband
    ( behind his back ) half a job Hemmings...but they always look so pleased with themselves don't they ?

    WeeMan & hubby did the "big shop" for me on Saturday. Guess what? They did half a shop !!! Bless'em.

  12. PS there is an award for you over on my blog xx

  13. uh oh!! food for thought all round i thought, very heartwarming...i am wondering what you have in mind for your bathroom...hey Collette i thought i would commit to myself a date being Friday 5th to have your parcel in the mail. I am sorry this has taken me so long to get least it got a start then got put aside for more all i have to do is finish, not really a lot of thinking involved...LOL..xx

  14. Laughing so much I've got tears rolling down my face :oD oh dear! You have a very enthusiastic worker there.
    Love the Lily and bunny banner sooo much! it's everso cute :3

    Hugs xxx


  15. Just thought I'd pop over and say hi, was going to wait for your next post but I wasn't sure when that would be with your very busy life! It was really nice to meet Marmalade and learn about Cleo too, thank you! Hope you're getting on ok xx


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