Saturday, 6 February 2010

I'm bored!!

This is how the conversation started.....

Jasper: "Mum, I'm bored" (Dad is away, Mum's house is rubbish, nothing fun to do)
Mum: "Do you want to take the tiles off the wall in the bathroom for me?" (1st stupid mistake!!)
Jasper: "Yeah, OK. Where's the hammer and dust sheets?" (sounds promising)
Mum: "Dust sheets? Blimey. Why do you want dust sheets?" Trick question!! (found dust sheets and hammer)
Jasper: "To protect the floor boards" (Mum VERY impressed, walks down into town for Jose to catch the bus - 2nd stupid mistake)

Phone call from Jasper.

Jasper: " Hi Mum, how are you?" (alarm bells start to ring inside Mums head.) "Were you planning to plaster the wall?"

Tiles off, wall off, lovely bricks though.

Part of window sill missing..... (can you see the dust sheet, it's the pink sheet looking thing WITH NO DUST OR TILES ON IT!!!!)

Least he kept the loo seat shut.
Mum: "Would you like me to get the bags for you to clear up?"
Jasper: "No, did what you asked, you said tile off. Mum?"
Mum: "Yes?"
Jasper: "I love you"
Good old Mum. Never fails does it, those three words help them get away with blue murder!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sorry I haven't been around - this is why.....

Hello. Thank you for all your comments. I am sorry I haven't posted for a while. Thank you for asking about Poppy, she now has hair and blue eyes (she did have a mouth but it just didn't look right) But for now she is under a pile of boxes. I'll explain more in a bit. But..... on the 27th January, this... my little girl turned 16!!

Along with their Dad, we went out for a meal.
This is the main reason..... I think the photo's will tell the story. But if not ....

This is the old rotten window. I am Grade II listed (the cottage not me although I do feel like it sometimes!!). So really my old windows shouldn't have been put in by the old people. They needed to be like the windows out the back or next doors front windows. Too expensive for me to do. I was having trouble affording to buy paint to re-paint my rotten ones. Then a couple of month my next door neighbours had new windows fitted. I asked for the old opening bits (can't think of the proper name) I, in my wisdom, thought they looked the same size as mine, I could just bodge them in place. OK, remember I am NOT a builder!! Then a friend suggested I find out about a mortgage. (the cottage is mine, you know the saying property rich cash poor!! - without doing some work on Poppy Cottage I wasn't even going to be property rich).
The long story cut short is........
A friend who is a great builder has done this..... took old windows out (REALLY REALLY rotten, that is why my front walls were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO damp.)
Made new frames for the recycled bits from next door. Old windows were smaller so made the holes back to the right size, so more light!
This is recycling at its best!

The window from the 'craft' room.
Jasper's window (soon to be Josie's, they are swapping rooms although I don't think Jasper is too keen on this idea!)
Now I too have posh, Grade II happy windows.
And my front porch was not only rotten but the door was in the wrong place. In the summer (not just the summer) I always have my doors and windows open and when the lady next door smokes it always come through my cottage. I HATE, (I really mean HATE the smell of smoke) so now that won't happen as the door is on the front.
See. Poppy Cottage looks so so right now.

Lily is a bit confused as to why the door isn't where it was.

And this....... is my little cottage door. My ex gave it to me when he was taking it out of a little cottage they were re-placing the doors and windows. I LOVE this door. I have had it for about 6 months and every time I looked at it in the garage I got a really excited tummy feeling.

And now I keep sitting looking at it, keep opening and closing it. I love how it make my cottage really really feel mine. So you see, I haven't really had my head in a place to make stuff, finish stuff, diet, or write a post. My cottage is totally upside down inside. But that isn't really unusual!!
I just have to decide. Do I paint the wood work white and the cottage walls pink or do I do the wood work cream. Do I have the patience to re-paint my picket fence. Would it look silly white. See my head is just SO full (again)
Have a look at this. Couldn't you just live in one of these!!
The other thing that is swimming around in my head is my new wood burners. I am having one in each room. I don't really watch TV but could happily sit and watch a fire burn all evening! It will hopefully cut down on the gas bill, keep the cottage warm and look and smell lovely. After reading this post I spent the evening googling what people thought. Where I work, they have five carrier bags of papers a week. If I could turn them into free flue that would help. I can dry them out in the poly tunnel and store them in the garage. Time consuming but worthwhile. Most feed back I came across was really positive. So another inside idea in my head.
On top of all of this, I had been thinking of jacking my job in. One of the girls I work with (only sometimes) seems to be a bit of a control freak. I went to school with her, primary and secondary. I didn't know if it was just her trying to prove a point or just they way she is but she makes me feel SO stupid. Lots of put downs. Unnecessary. I have had that for too many years to go through it again at work. But it seems to be sorted, so I can relax as I really do enjoy my job and working there. I may not have qualifications (yet) but I do know I have HEAPS of common sense.
Anyhow, sorted plus the offer of more regular hours which will really help.
All I need now is the builder to turn up...................................

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