Saturday, 9 January 2010

What is going on here??

Is it me or is Boo the rabbit pretending to be Lily?

Thank you for the ideas for the hearts. hopefully tomorrow they will become a garland of hearts.

Then that will be another item off my list.

I have two wood burners all ready to be installed into the dining room fire place and the lounge one. that means that the small electric 'wood burning stove look alike' heater will be going spare. Nicki suggested putting it in my bedroom (sleep up in the attic - bit chilly at the moment) I am planning (eventually) to girly up my room but a black stove would look a bit odd. So today i picked up a tin of spray paint, The colour is Almond. So will give that a go and see how it turns out.

So hearts tomorrow.

Hope we don't have this forcast snow. Seems to have been very kind to Bridport, just scattered a dusting, but not enough to cause havoc. We really have been so lucky.

Nun night x


  1. Spray paint. Great idea! Hope it works out for you.

  2. i love our woodburner, just makes me feel warm looking at it!!! look forward to seeing your other stove when sprayed - sounds like a good idea!
    Hope you don't get the snow, and i hope we don't either - have soo much and don't need any more!!!


  3. That looks like one very comfortable rabbit:)

  4. I like the new look of the blog - very crafty! You seem to have a new found enthusiasm, and you sound happy. GOOD!! Catch up for coffee soon? -J

  5. aw Lily looks so sweet- how did the hip scoring go ?

    We have an electric lookalikey woodburner & dream of a real one !!!

    Great idea to paint it for the bedroom

  6. Aww Boo and Lily are so Sweet :o)
    My Lily is doing a lot of curling up on the sofa these days too.

    I am so Happy to be reading Your blog again, I have been misssing You loads.

  7. That's a very nice basket of yarn!

    Pomona x


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