Thursday, 7 January 2010

I was doing so well......

Then someone has just lent me this book.................

Thank you to everyone who popped over to Ashley's Blog. It really means so much.

I will be Lily less tomorrow as she is going to have her hips scored at the local vets. But it does look as though I have both J's home instead.

Snow!! Don't you just love it!!

So next on my list is 1 hr doing my Meds course (I did do a chunk at work last night), Finish off the induction to Care and print it out. And make something with these hearts.



  1. You really are making me sound like a charity case... :S

  2. that looks like a reall good book!! how about making a string of hearts to hang up?


  3. I agree a string - heart bunting.

    We never had Dillon hip scored but he would make a hansome dad ! are you going to have pups one day ?

    My "J's " are home for the forseeable future too - I feel like I'm in a time warp !!! xx

  4. Hi Colette, is it the NVQ in care you are doing, i did the NVQ2 Care and the Primary Health Care aswell. I am not too good at paperwork but i managed quite well and alot of it was practical which we did while at work. I did it about 4 years ago now, probably all different now. Anyway good luck with it all x x x


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