Sunday, 10 January 2010

A garland it shall be......

The hearts are going to become a garland, not sure where it will end up going. I wonder if they might end up horizontal or vertical. Have to have a think about that. As you can see, multi-tasking, bit of blog reading (when I should really be doing other things) having a quick read of a pattern and finishing off the hearts. Chap came over who is going to put the stoves in and left it up to me to decide if I want to line the chimneys when he puts them in. Another £500 per chimney, but peace of mind especially as each chimney goes through the J's rooms (oh and mine come to think about it!!)

Lily and I brought our first log home from our walk today, well I carried it, Lily tried to help, so I guess you could almost say I carried Lily and the log home. There has to be a children's story in there somewhere!!

I remember years ago staying somewhere and they had a log carrier. It was basically a length of canvas with two handles at either end. I think, seeing as if you pick up any stick, log or twig Lily thinks that it must be for her that maybe that is the only way I will be able to bring wood home with me. So maybe I'll make one this week and test it out. Ha Ha!!! Yet another idea floating around my head. Like I really need more.

I notice that is back, well sort of. Keep watching for the spring. I really enjoyed reading her blog.

Jen it is knitting on Tuesday, are you going to be able to come?

The yarn in the basket was from the hug blanket, and I managed to have a lot left over so I intend to have a go at this I really like the colours of the Hug blanket and would like to make something a bit like it for me. After all it is a doing things for Poppy Cottage year.

Hope you are all keeping warm.

Colette xx

P.S. I haven't forgotten my PIF's either.


  1. that blanket looks like fun - have been doing a bit of crocheting this week on a blanket i started ages ago!!!


  2. I am planning on coming Tuesday, I have finished knitting the hand spun baby jumper and will be sewing it up then. I am told that baby is imminent!! Also need to catch up on the news -j

  3. I note that you are reading a very (cough) superior blog there! I am very flattered! Unfortunately I am not yet a crocheter (is that a word?) so I will just have to enjoy it vicariously by looking at your work. Those heathery colours will look perfect together - I look forward to seeing the finished result.

    Pomona x

  4. Thanks for the update on Sumea - I really liked her blog last year. Looking forward to see what happens to the hearts - you are on a real creative roll!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. looking forward to seeing the hearts too!

  6. Little pile of hearts sitting in front of me. I don't know if it is a creative roll or just getting fed up with too many unfinished projects on the go at once. Too many ideas in my head and too much craft stuff just waiting to become something!! Or maybe it was taking the decision to make things for myself , family and friends rather then try and come up with ideas to 'make money' by selling hand made items, which we all know means we work for peanuts if you tried to work out an hourly rate!!

    have a lovely week.

  7. Awww You are so Sweet. Thankyou so much for mentioning my blog x I have been looking forward to being part of this wonderful blogisphere again. Am even more excited about it now :o)

    You are such a Lovely Friend xxx


    p.s. I really smiled about Lily and the log. She is just like my Lily :o)


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