Monday, 11 January 2010

70 posts!!!

And I really should be in bed asleep!!

But look.....

Not the right place (I haven't worked that one out yet) but they are finished!!

Lily is in season, Jasper, being a typical boy, doesn't understand. So action was called for.
Do you know why boxers have a hole in the fly? Actually don't go there, I know what you are thinking. But really it is to put the tail through.
Braces keep them in place, you've heard of dream catchers? well this is a season catcher!!
On a eco front, I wonder why they don't make mooncups for dogs................................. (this is a honest blog after all!!)
So does that mean if I have finished two things off my list I can start something new..............??
Blimey, 1.05 12/01/10 better got to bed!!


  1. Love your heart garland...and that has to be the best use of boxers I've ever seen - brilliant! Rebecca x

  2. lovely lovely lovely - I want one ! I think you have put them in just thr right place.

    Now I am laughing out loud and will never be able to look at my son's boxers in the same way ever again !

    mooncups for dogs - eww !

  3. Have tried my old knickers (we have 8 bitches after all) but boxers WAY better idea! I'm not sure I like the idea of putting the mooncup in for the dog...

    Garland looks really smart. I see similar for sale in Cilla & Camilla / Beaminster for LOTS££. Maybe they would sell yours??

  4. your heart garland looks lovely - i think you deserve to start a new project!!


  5. Poor Lily! Love the hearts, very country.

    You've been added to the 20 Minuters list. I'm going to try and make us all a flickr page to share the results of our endevours. Happy crafting.

    Love Fi x

  6. Thanks Collette - you have put me off ever owning a dog!!! Loving the hearts

  7. Your garland is so pretty look so homely strung over the fireplace.
    The boxers are a clever idea and I must admit, had me in hysterics too :oD

    Have a Fab weekend xxx


  8. Hi Colette

    ThankYou so much for Your kind, Lovely, comforting and supportive words on my blog xx

    I probably won't be posting anymore until the other end of the week, as I have loads of housework to catch up on. Am planning a nice meal and a DVD to watch on Friday as a carrot.

    Hope You and Your have a Lovely week xxx

    Warm Hugs


  9. I have awarded you a blog award - see my blog for more details:


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