Thursday, 21 January 2010

Poppy in progress

Poppy in progress.

The hair I decided to use was some Jacob from Cliff's farm that I had spun and was sitting on the dresser.

I am finding myself talking to this doll, asking her what colour eyes she'd like. Think I am going slightly nuts!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010



I don't know about you but I have a stupid amount of recipe books. Lots of lovely ideas, photos etc but I never use them. These days if I want to find a good recipe all I have to do in type into google and hey presto, just what I was looking for. I was having this conversation, via e-mail with a good friend of mine. So as I was typing I seemed to talk my self into going through my book shelf once again. (It's OK, I will never part with a craft book!!) so yesterday I took four bags to the charity shop, and today I took another three. (Not all recipe books I hasten to add). So the Poppy Cottage de-clutter is underway.

My friend Kim was going to come up and make a felt bag with me but asked if I wouldn't mind going to her house instead. Jose was babysitting next door and Jasper was stuck to the X-box so I trundled over to hers with my fleece in a bright pink trug. Sitting at her table I asked if she would show me how to make one of her lovely dolls instead. What do you think? ( I have tried to put one of Kim's dolls here but can't manage it. Just follow this link if that doesn't work)

So sitting on my table is my mini,'trial' doll. She, we'll call her Poppy, needs her limbs sewing on. Then all her other bits, hands, feet, elbows, hair, etc sorting out. Then I have borrowed Kim's book and she has given me some more fabric (although I did get a light skin coloured tee-shirt in a charity shop today) So I shall make Daisy after I have finished Poppy (along with a button nose I'll have you know!!) I have a couple of knitting things to finish. Then I think I will put my needles away for a while. Keep the crochet out and to hand, but do a bit more sewing.

Oh well. No interesting photo's (seem to have put the camera somewhere safe) but please let me know what you think of Kim's dolls. Now if you want to talk about talent, That is one hell of a talented lady. Paints, draws, write stories and poems, makes felt, (remember this) sews and LOADS of other stuff. Puts me to shame!! (and she is really lovely and a very dear friend).

Right, I have just seen the time. Nun night xx

Monday, 11 January 2010

70 posts!!!

And I really should be in bed asleep!!

But look.....

Not the right place (I haven't worked that one out yet) but they are finished!!

Lily is in season, Jasper, being a typical boy, doesn't understand. So action was called for.
Do you know why boxers have a hole in the fly? Actually don't go there, I know what you are thinking. But really it is to put the tail through.
Braces keep them in place, you've heard of dream catchers? well this is a season catcher!!
On a eco front, I wonder why they don't make mooncups for dogs................................. (this is a honest blog after all!!)
So does that mean if I have finished two things off my list I can start something new..............??
Blimey, 1.05 12/01/10 better got to bed!!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

A garland it shall be......

The hearts are going to become a garland, not sure where it will end up going. I wonder if they might end up horizontal or vertical. Have to have a think about that. As you can see, multi-tasking, bit of blog reading (when I should really be doing other things) having a quick read of a pattern and finishing off the hearts. Chap came over who is going to put the stoves in and left it up to me to decide if I want to line the chimneys when he puts them in. Another £500 per chimney, but peace of mind especially as each chimney goes through the J's rooms (oh and mine come to think about it!!)

Lily and I brought our first log home from our walk today, well I carried it, Lily tried to help, so I guess you could almost say I carried Lily and the log home. There has to be a children's story in there somewhere!!

I remember years ago staying somewhere and they had a log carrier. It was basically a length of canvas with two handles at either end. I think, seeing as if you pick up any stick, log or twig Lily thinks that it must be for her that maybe that is the only way I will be able to bring wood home with me. So maybe I'll make one this week and test it out. Ha Ha!!! Yet another idea floating around my head. Like I really need more.

I notice that is back, well sort of. Keep watching for the spring. I really enjoyed reading her blog.

Jen it is knitting on Tuesday, are you going to be able to come?

The yarn in the basket was from the hug blanket, and I managed to have a lot left over so I intend to have a go at this I really like the colours of the Hug blanket and would like to make something a bit like it for me. After all it is a doing things for Poppy Cottage year.

Hope you are all keeping warm.

Colette xx

P.S. I haven't forgotten my PIF's either.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

What is going on here??

Is it me or is Boo the rabbit pretending to be Lily?

Thank you for the ideas for the hearts. hopefully tomorrow they will become a garland of hearts.

Then that will be another item off my list.

I have two wood burners all ready to be installed into the dining room fire place and the lounge one. that means that the small electric 'wood burning stove look alike' heater will be going spare. Nicki suggested putting it in my bedroom (sleep up in the attic - bit chilly at the moment) I am planning (eventually) to girly up my room but a black stove would look a bit odd. So today i picked up a tin of spray paint, The colour is Almond. So will give that a go and see how it turns out.

So hearts tomorrow.

Hope we don't have this forcast snow. Seems to have been very kind to Bridport, just scattered a dusting, but not enough to cause havoc. We really have been so lucky.

Nun night x

Thursday, 7 January 2010

I was doing so well......

Then someone has just lent me this book.................

Thank you to everyone who popped over to Ashley's Blog. It really means so much.

I will be Lily less tomorrow as she is going to have her hips scored at the local vets. But it does look as though I have both J's home instead.

Snow!! Don't you just love it!!

So next on my list is 1 hr doing my Meds course (I did do a chunk at work last night), Finish off the induction to Care and print it out. And make something with these hearts.


First thing off my list!!

Just a quickie.

Worked all night last night and finished off these. First actually finished WIP of 2010.
A good try but yarn too thin. Not too sure about the thumb. But fun playing and one thing off my list.


If you get a moment would you mind checking out this blog. Ashley is my niece and she has just become addicted to the land of blogging (Sorry, my fault) and by the looks of it Cath Kidston too!!
Whoops!! Just seen the time got to walk back to work for 5pm!! (but only till 9 - I have some hearts to finish!!)
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