Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Want to join me in a couple of challenges?


OK. 2009 has nearly gone. I personally am fed up with looking at my 'not so slim' body in the mirror. I know, at 5'8 1/2" I will never be 'little' or 'slight' but I can defiantly be 2 stone lighter. I am fed up with thinking about it and not actually getting around to doing it. People say 'your tall, you carry it well, that may be so but it is me who sees the naked truth, and only me who can do anything about it.

So that is the first challenge. Join me in loosing some weight. Joining a slimming club is all well and good but that is £6 we could spend on fabric, wool or craft items.

So.......................... It is always easier to loose weight if you do it with someone, a friend. Two of you have already suggested joining me so here is the blog to do it in. Put the £6 a week in a jar and follow this blog

Put random thoughts (your weight if you feel like it - I'll stick mine on there on Friday morning - Hey I have no shame) tips and suggestions. How about e-mailing me a photo, or a post to and I'll post it for you, making it a 'keeping track blog'.

The second challenge is to finish one WIP a month (more if you feel like it). Again I shall post a photo. Apart from the rolls of blubber, I am also fed up looking at un-finished things that I have started.

So 2010 is as good as we all make it. I know I want to end this new year thinking that I have done my best, looking forwards instead of backwards (which I have been doing a bit lately) I want to feel better, fitter and lighter. I also want to be tidier - well OK, maybe that is just one challenge too far!!!!


  1. In a rush now but will be back to visit - I'm making a few changes too & will post on Blog

    Happy New Year !

  2. 2 stone for me too!!! I'll join you on this one. Feel free to email me too when you need talking out of a pasty!!!! Lots of love to you and your family, and heres hoping that 2010 will be a good one. xxxxx

  3. Oh can I be brave enough to join! If Diane will I will!! heres to a slimmer 2010!

  4. happy new year to you!! i love the idea of finishing one project a month - that would be a challenge for me as i have sooo many unfinished!! as for being tidier, maybe a challenge too far for me!!!!


  5. Oh my!

    Just about to post on my blog about how 2010 is the year I WILL lose that 2 stone of baby weight (ha, ha! my youngest is 12.......)

    So,yes, I will join you too and will shame myself by adding my weight to the list....Fridays?

    I'm starting by making sure I eat breakfast....I often miss it.....not good.

    There, that's my first tip!!

    Good luck everyone!
    (My other is to do 'someting creative' each week, which kind of fits in with the other challenge!)

  6. Good luck with your challenges, it sounds like you are super motivated and that should set you up for success! I know it's hard and I am going to try to excercise more so thanks for the inspiration. Take care and have fun in 2010 xo

  7. Hi, I found you through Di at Heart Shaped and although I wasn't going to do the I must lose weight thing this year, I'm going to give it ago with you and anyone else. I'm into my 40th year so this is a year to challenge and push myself. So here's to a thinner me, you and everyone. Oh I may even do the one a month as well.

    Joanne x

  8. Morning Colette, I've not really got any WIP but there is rather a lot of stuff I need to do first on the list is curtains for the boys room.
    We visit Bridport regularly sometimes once a week, we love the jurassic coast.
    I remembered after saying I would do the weight thing that we do not own a pair of scales so not sure how heavy I am just know that it's about 3 sizes to big.

    Joanne x

  9. Hey Colette....I need to finish culling a few spaces kind of fits but not really and other than your swap...i am about to start a quilt for myself and i am sure it is going to take me all year....but in between i may have little things on the go each month..a question for you have use for storage, small storage containers..happy new year to you and good luck with your resolutions...:)

  10. I'm starting a veggie plot so hopefully all that digging will help me shift some weight !


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