Wednesday, 18 November 2009

NOT what I had planned for today!

Reading Jenny's blog made me think about my day today.

I woke up, had it all planned, Jose off to school, walk Lily then crack on out side.

Well as I said, I HAD it all planned.

But in then night when I was awake looking out of the window (any tips on sleeping - don't mention stopping drinking coffee!!), I got to thinking about the scarf I had made with Kim, and I wondered if this or that would work. But I would need to go and get a piece of sponge, better do that before I get stuck into the back garden.

Then I got home with my sponge, put it on the side, made a coffee, wondered if it would work as I thought it would.

A little play, just whilst I drank my coffee.........well maybe I could just set it out...... My sky.......and wispy clouds.......
My grass and a few 'poppies'........

Seems a shame to have got this far and not carry on.....the leaves and stuff will still be there in a while......
I might just see if the curtain Kim left behind by mistake will work......

Now I have got this far I should really see if the sky felts as well..... (don't look at the stain in the sink - most of the stuff in Poppy Cottage has been pre-loved!)

I wonder if an action shot would work......
Mmmmm.... what do you think?
OK, so I didn't get around to doing the outside today, I had a lot of fun making MYSELF a scarf.

Do you know the best (although sad) bit? The J's will never want to pinch my scarf!! (even Ashley has requested NOT to be given on for Christmas!!!!!)
Mum is waiting for her second hip re-placement. It had locked up and she is in incredible pain with it (must really hurt for my Mum to actually slow down!!) So the date of the op has been brought forward. Guess when for?
24th December!!
Jasper find out either tonight or in the morning if he has been selected.
And Jose, her Dad and i went to her parents evening. First one at her new school.
I am so so so proud, she is doing really well. It was lovely to hear such lovely things said about her. It was also lovely to see her with her new friends.
So I might not have got much done (that i should have done) today but I think it has been a good day. Be nice to care for Mum for a change!!

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