Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My son

My son Jasper.

He was the boy at playgroup who bit other children, no warning, would be playing then lean over and bite.

He'd walk around with such a scowl (still does now actually but I think that is now down to his age!!)

Never happier then going to work with his Dad, would see a digger or a tractor and would say I want one of those. We got mini versions of his Dad's work sweatshirts printed. Thinking about it now it was sort of like a Mini me (Austin Powers).

The my little sister Natalie was coaching the children's rugby in Bridport. You know friends in high places!! Jasper's Birthday is the end of September so that would have meant that he couldn't start training until the following year when he was 5. Natalie somehow managed to get him in. The shirt came down to his knees. This little lad has become this young man................
Who, we found out this morning, has been selected to play for county.
I checked here
at 6am this morning, my heart in my mouth, to see if his name was on the list.....

One very proud Mum
One child closer to his dream


  1. Oh that's exciting.....he must be rather pleased (and you!)
    Tell him congratulations from me (ha ha haaa.....he'll hate that!!)

  2. Have just found you via Posy, know how you feel as I felt something akin to pride when my youngest (now in his thirties!) was selected for his school in a charity run and had his pics in the papers. But what attracted me to look at your blog was that Posy mentioned some months ago you had a PAY IT FORWARD idea of some sort? I have just finished reading the book of the same name, and wondered if you had read it too?

  3. Many congratulations! I know just how you and he must feel as my son has just been selected to play for South you say, one step closer! You too will know all about muddy washing then and the need for self-cleaning baths!! Rebecca x

  4. ~Isn't it wonderful when they find their place in life .... the journey isn't always easy but worth it in the end. A big pat on the back for Jasper.

  5. Well done young man!!! No wonder you are so proud.
    PS - I loved your scarfe!! xxxxxxx

  6. Well done to your son, you are obviously very proud.


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