Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Is it just me?

Is it just me or do you not feel Christmassey at all?

Now I love the build up to Christmas, the making of gifts, hand made cards. Writing lists and just generally feeling very Christmassey.

The Trees are up in Bridport, above various shops.

But me.... with one month to go, feel totally un-festive.

My Mum is going to have her hip replacement on Christmas Eve, so Christmas is going to be very different this year. Jose and Ash will be helping get together dinner, for my Dad and Grandad, sister etc (at my old house I used to have everyone up to the farm and cook for the mass. But not anymore, did it for about 10 years.) It will be different but it will be lovely all the same.

I have a head full of presents that I want to make , that I thought I would have time to make but I also have the induction to finish and also the start of the Med's course. Ideal just before Christmas!!

So better pull my finger out and get the courses done!


  1. I'm sure you'll enjoy Christmas when it comes but there are times when other things impinge and make things a little different to normal and this year looks like one of those times for you. Hope that your mum's operation goes well - and congratulations to Jasper on his selection for the county team. That's probably the best present he could have anyway:)

  2. Best not to think about it too early - far too panicking! And really, it is not even December yet ... ! Hope your mum is OK, and it is good to have a different celebration, especially if it means it is easier for you.

    Pomona x

  3. It's Thanksgiving for us Americans today, and I'm programmed not to think about Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. But I'm so NOT on schedule for a homemade Christmas.

    Good luck to your mum, all best wishes for her hip replacement.

  4. thanks for popping by - we have more in common - teens called J & J ! ( but I am 46 boo ! )

    I have another older retriever too & four naughty escaping hens !!!

    No not feeling Christmassy at all - never do til daughter has had her birthday on the tenth !

    Been readind so many blogs about Thanksgiving & thankful we don't have that to cook for so near to Christmas !!!

  5. Its far too early to feel Christmassy yet - so dont beat yourself up. I remember going to Palma in Spain when I was 25 years old. When we left on the 18th of December, they were just putting their Christmas lights up!! I cant believe they are doing your mums op on Christmas Eve. Hope everything goes well. xxx

  6. oooh what a day for a hip op, hope it goes ok, sure it will

    well to be very honest I am not too christmassy, made a few things but you know, I think it's cos we get it shoved down our throats from August by the shops, everytime I've been to the supermarket even there is christmas if they all would only start getting festive in December...

    I have tried to keep it real - for the kids in lowering their expectations and for me in not doing too much and not wanting it just so, which sadly means not making handmade stuff this time round, just too much pressure

    oh I've gabbled on...


  7. You know, I dont think you are on your own in that the Christmassy feeling hasn't bitten yet - its the same here! We have decorated the house (a 2 year old means this is necessary earlier rather than later) and the cards are slowly being written...however, the spirit itself is taking its time to suffuse us, but Im hoping as the day itself draws nearer, we will.

    Sending Gluwein to warm your soul!

    Love Julia xxx

  8. Have a very happy Christmas!

    Pomona x


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