Monday, 16 November 2009


It is finally finished!! And as I type on it's way to the Birthday Girl. I have a lot of wool left over so I plan to make myself a ripple day. I have received my PIF gifts from Lyn today. I can't take any photo's as Jose has the camera but I shall do as soon as she gets back. They are wonderful Lyn, thank you so so much. I really feel Christmassy now! (Whoops!! The chocolate will not feature in the photo, as I seem to have eaten it.

Right, an hour on my induction to care then outside to clear up wet slippery leaves, blown over plants.

I kind of miss having the Hug to work on.


  1. Wel done! looks really good. Glad you got your PIF and you like it.

  2. It looks great, well done. Looking forward to seeing what goodies you got! x x x


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