Tuesday, 17 November 2009

An evening of good crafty company

Once I made a patchwork quilt for a friend when she was expecting No.3. I put so much effort in to that quilt, hours of hand quilting, special fabric just for this 'special' friend.

I learnt a valuable lesson that when you make something and give it away, that is just what you have done, you have given that item to someone for them to treat it as they wish to, you have no control.

I learnt that lesson AFTER I called in to see this friend and her new babe only to discover that they were using the quilt in the dog bed for their very smelly old dog. I resisted the urge to gather up the quilt, and take it home to wash and keep safe.

On the other hand, I made a cot quilt for Josie's first teacher when she had a baby. That quilt was so loved, it became her comfort blanket. When she was 5 it had all but fallen apart. It was down to a 5" square, but that didn't matter, it had fallen apart as it had been loved so much. She used to have to sneak in whilst she was asleep, was and dry it and put it back before the little girl woke in the morning.

This is why, the Hug became so important. Jose took this whilst Ashley was taking to her Mum on the phone. I had a warm feeling inside when I saw this photo. I have just spent the most fantastic evening with a Dear friend, Kim. She came to show me how she had made her scarf. We are going to try to get together for a craft evening every 3rd Tuesday. I hope it works out that we can.
We ended up just playing......because we could.........in any colour.....

Now came the fun part!!

I was really glad that I had cleaned the sink.

Now I am just planning who is going to have a scarf for Christmas!!!! Jose has requested NOT to have one, spoil sport!!
Yesterday was the 16th November. Not only my nieces Birthday but the anniversary of me buying Poppy Cottage and moving in here. Looking back it seems to have gone by so fast. Life is full of these interesting chapters isn't it.
Take care


  1. So were your wrist warmers Steph. Such detail.

  2. i don't know how I found myself here, blog surfing late at night Down Under, but I had to comment on the dog bed quilt, I cannot imagine how you felt!!!!!

    I look forward to the day when someone gives me the gift of a handmade quilt..or that I come across one in a charity shop

    enjoyed my visit


  3. How awful to have something so precious be used as a dog bed!!! I can imagine how I too would have felt.

    I love the scarf, it's a pity that the picture does not enlarge to be able to see more of the detail. It certainly looks like you had fun making it.

    Isabelle x

  4. Lovely things you have made - I would never use a quilt in a dog bed! My dogs get old towels!

    Pomona x


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