Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Is it just me?

Is it just me or do you not feel Christmassey at all?

Now I love the build up to Christmas, the making of gifts, hand made cards. Writing lists and just generally feeling very Christmassey.

The Trees are up in Bridport, above various shops.

But me.... with one month to go, feel totally un-festive.

My Mum is going to have her hip replacement on Christmas Eve, so Christmas is going to be very different this year. Jose and Ash will be helping get together dinner, for my Dad and Grandad, sister etc (at my old house I used to have everyone up to the farm and cook for the mass. But not anymore, did it for about 10 years.) It will be different but it will be lovely all the same.

I have a head full of presents that I want to make , that I thought I would have time to make but I also have the induction to finish and also the start of the Med's course. Ideal just before Christmas!!

So better pull my finger out and get the courses done!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My son

My son Jasper.

He was the boy at playgroup who bit other children, no warning, would be playing then lean over and bite.

He'd walk around with such a scowl (still does now actually but I think that is now down to his age!!)

Never happier then going to work with his Dad, would see a digger or a tractor and would say I want one of those. We got mini versions of his Dad's work sweatshirts printed. Thinking about it now it was sort of like a Mini me (Austin Powers).

The my little sister Natalie was coaching the children's rugby in Bridport. You know friends in high places!! Jasper's Birthday is the end of September so that would have meant that he couldn't start training until the following year when he was 5. Natalie somehow managed to get him in. The shirt came down to his knees. This little lad has become this young man................
Who, we found out this morning, has been selected to play for county.
I checked here
at 6am this morning, my heart in my mouth, to see if his name was on the list.....

One very proud Mum
One child closer to his dream

NOT what I had planned for today!

Reading Jenny's blog made me think about my day today.

I woke up, had it all planned, Jose off to school, walk Lily then crack on out side.

Well as I said, I HAD it all planned.

But in then night when I was awake looking out of the window (any tips on sleeping - don't mention stopping drinking coffee!!), I got to thinking about the scarf I had made with Kim, and I wondered if this or that would work. But I would need to go and get a piece of sponge, better do that before I get stuck into the back garden.

Then I got home with my sponge, put it on the side, made a coffee, wondered if it would work as I thought it would.

A little play, just whilst I drank my coffee.........well maybe I could just set it out...... My sky.......and wispy clouds.......
My grass and a few 'poppies'........

Seems a shame to have got this far and not carry on.....the leaves and stuff will still be there in a while......
I might just see if the curtain Kim left behind by mistake will work......

Now I have got this far I should really see if the sky felts as well..... (don't look at the stain in the sink - most of the stuff in Poppy Cottage has been pre-loved!)

I wonder if an action shot would work......
Mmmmm.... what do you think?
OK, so I didn't get around to doing the outside today, I had a lot of fun making MYSELF a scarf.

Do you know the best (although sad) bit? The J's will never want to pinch my scarf!! (even Ashley has requested NOT to be given on for Christmas!!!!!)
Mum is waiting for her second hip re-placement. It had locked up and she is in incredible pain with it (must really hurt for my Mum to actually slow down!!) So the date of the op has been brought forward. Guess when for?
24th December!!
Jasper find out either tonight or in the morning if he has been selected.
And Jose, her Dad and i went to her parents evening. First one at her new school.
I am so so so proud, she is doing really well. It was lovely to hear such lovely things said about her. It was also lovely to see her with her new friends.
So I might not have got much done (that i should have done) today but I think it has been a good day. Be nice to care for Mum for a change!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

An evening of good crafty company

Once I made a patchwork quilt for a friend when she was expecting No.3. I put so much effort in to that quilt, hours of hand quilting, special fabric just for this 'special' friend.

I learnt a valuable lesson that when you make something and give it away, that is just what you have done, you have given that item to someone for them to treat it as they wish to, you have no control.

I learnt that lesson AFTER I called in to see this friend and her new babe only to discover that they were using the quilt in the dog bed for their very smelly old dog. I resisted the urge to gather up the quilt, and take it home to wash and keep safe.

On the other hand, I made a cot quilt for Josie's first teacher when she had a baby. That quilt was so loved, it became her comfort blanket. When she was 5 it had all but fallen apart. It was down to a 5" square, but that didn't matter, it had fallen apart as it had been loved so much. She used to have to sneak in whilst she was asleep, was and dry it and put it back before the little girl woke in the morning.

This is why, the Hug became so important. Jose took this whilst Ashley was taking to her Mum on the phone. I had a warm feeling inside when I saw this photo. I have just spent the most fantastic evening with a Dear friend, Kim. She came to show me how she had made her scarf. We are going to try to get together for a craft evening every 3rd Tuesday. I hope it works out that we can.
We ended up just playing......because we any colour.....

Now came the fun part!!

I was really glad that I had cleaned the sink.

Now I am just planning who is going to have a scarf for Christmas!!!! Jose has requested NOT to have one, spoil sport!!
Yesterday was the 16th November. Not only my nieces Birthday but the anniversary of me buying Poppy Cottage and moving in here. Looking back it seems to have gone by so fast. Life is full of these interesting chapters isn't it.
Take care

Monday, 16 November 2009


It is finally finished!! And as I type on it's way to the Birthday Girl. I have a lot of wool left over so I plan to make myself a ripple day. I have received my PIF gifts from Lyn today. I can't take any photo's as Jose has the camera but I shall do as soon as she gets back. They are wonderful Lyn, thank you so so much. I really feel Christmassy now! (Whoops!! The chocolate will not feature in the photo, as I seem to have eaten it.

Right, an hour on my induction to care then outside to clear up wet slippery leaves, blown over plants.

I kind of miss having the Hug to work on.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Free Stuff


Just very quickly, have a look at this site Every little helps at this time of year doesn't it.

Off to work a night tonight so should get a chunk of the Hug done. Wonder how big I should aim for.......................

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Rugby, Stairs, The Hug....excuses??


Is it just me or does the Honeymoon period of blogging wear off slightly. In my head I write posts every day. But then to sit down, take photo's off the camera and re-size them and upload them seems to take ages. But then again, if you did it often then there wouldn't be so many photo's to upload in one sitting!!

And I think the blog is a really nice way to keep in touch with friends and family who you don't see to often. For Ashley it is a way to see what is going on here whilst she is up in London at Uni. It is a record of achievements, projects in progress - PIP (I happen to think that is a nicer phrase then work in progress - WIP)

So what has been going on a Poppy Cottage? House work mainly. I still haven't mastered the art of keeping on top of it, what with Lily fluff, muddy foot prints (the tiles seemed a good idea at the time) - with hind sight, although the tiles cost £50 instead of over £200 if I had gone and brought them from the shop, cream is a pretty naff colour.

I wonder how many of use are making these after seeing it here

and here and here

(sorry forgot to add this one in the first time around!! - Sorry Zoe)

It is just such a simple idea, one I have had in my head for ages but why does it take someone else to make it to then think Ahh!! yep, idea Christmas Presents - and a good way to use up some wool!!

Jose babysits for a lady who came to the Knit & Natter and when I picked here up this time Isla had finished her hat. The pattern came from here

Isla lent me here 9mm DPN and I started on one but then decided that I would give the magic loop a try. Like I really needed to start something new didn't I!!

Ashley came back from Uni this week. We have all missed her, but Jose has especially. So it was lovely that she spent some time with her (and Lily!!) I have been waiting for some wool to arrive from the Black Sheep Wools
It arrived on Sunday but the pink is to follow. Mild panic as the Birthday is on the 16Th (I will have been single and in my little cottage for 3 years that day!!) That is OK. I will ring them on Monday to see if it has been sent, failing that good old e-Bay! But then next snag is........where is the hook I was using? I don't remember the size. What a plonker!! It didn't have a mm size on it. I am guessing either a 3.5 or a 4 mm. Hey Ho!! Just have to do a trial bit and see.
Progress also seems to be somewhat hampered by these....

I officially feel old as I got home from work to find that Jose had been sent her NI card!!! That means that she is growing up!!!!
These are pictures from this

And, If I pull my finger out should be happening to these this week. At least they will look better. If I had oodles of time I would strip them back down and varnish them, but I don't so out will come the paint pots!!

OK, so I am sure that some of you see my photo's of the cats and think yuck, on the table (I do some times too don't worry, but I made a rod for my own back and I think the older ones sit up there to a) get away from Lily and b) sit in the sunshine.
But this I think is taking the biscuit!! (I did wash it out before I cooked tea!)

Then there has been this.....

Jasp is in the No 7 shirt with white (ish) sleeves.

(you can just see his bottom on the bottom left of this photos)
He is playing Offside flanker (?) I think that is right. I was 'allowed' by Jasp to come and watch him this time. (this boy find his Mother just SOOOOOO embarrasing remember!!) He has got through to county trials, then onto this squad - from these teams they will pick the Dorset Squad. He was made Captain for the second half (a position he has held in his Bridport team) So fingers crossed for this coming Wednesday.
As I was tidying up his bedroom I found his English book and had a wee peak through. I came across this .......
In the next two weeks do well in Rugby County trails and get into Dorset and Wilts County Squad.
In the next year, excel in Rugby and do well in particular subjects in school.
In the next five years start playing Rugby at Provisional level, get good A level results and a place in a top Rugby and Hydrocarbon University
And in 20 years time I will be 33 and my dream ambition is to have played rugby at a professional standard and play for a big club or even be in the England Squad and be able to retire a recognisable Rugby player. Or If I don't get far in Rugby I would like to become a Hydrocarbon Well Logging Geologist/engineer or a petroleum engineer.
WoW!!!!! That is the hopes and dreams of my 14 year old son. And do you know what, I think he stands a pretty good chance of most of them. He has changed from an angry confused (don't we all, who have failed marriages behind us feel guilty and responsible for making them like that?) to a fairly nice young man with achievable ambitions.
Now all he has to master is being nice to his sister (he is so nasty to her) and then I'd be 100% chuffed (99% at the moment.)
I cooked for the Ruby Club Burger stand at the local Fireworks display last night and Jasper and I walked down. On the way up through town we passed loads of drunk, swearing teenagers (and I mean loads - this is the bit of Bridport Hen and Lucy thankfully don't see) and he said about what do they hope to achieve, he wasn't being smug just agreeing with me that it is sad that these kids seem to think getting rat arsed at every opportunity is what life is all about. Thankfully both of my teenagers do not think that way. So even though their Dad and I are apart, the J's don't seem to be growing up too badly.
I may sound slightly smug but I am very proud of both of my children.

(Soon he will be taller then his Dad!!)
I started writing this post at 3 am (I can't sleep much at the moment) It is now 20 past 5. Wondering if it is worth going back to be.
I seem to be coming down with a cold. I ache, sore throat etc. Can't be poorly as I am going to see these tonight!!
The advantage of being a singleton is that you can nearly always get a ticket to things.
Take care.

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