Sunday, 4 October 2009

A hand made Poppy Cottage


I have a slight case of the missing camera. I shall tidy and raid the J's bedrooms in the hope of finding the said missing camera.

I haven't blogged for a while, my head seems to have been in a weird place lately. I have enjoyed reading other blogs, but been a bit stumped on mine,

I love, I mean really LOVE my new job. I get paid to chat away to old folk, go for walks with then, drink LOADS of coffee, chat a bit more and if I work an early I get my dinner and if I work a late I get my tea!!!! It is lovely. I know I am spoilt as this residential home promotes that the residents stay as independent for as long as is possible. All I can say is I would have no qualms about either my Grandad or my parents ending up living there. So that goes to say a lot doesn't it.

I have just boxed up a load of things I have made to sell at a friends craft fair. Although I actually found myself not enjoying making stuff (people say it is a mojo thing!). I don't really know why. I am going to share the stall I have booked at the Late Night Christmas Shopping Evening in Bridport with friends who make wooden items. This way I won't need to worry about having to fill a whole stall. I just can't see that on top of all my Christmas presents I have to make I am going to get much done. I want to spend some time sorting out the gardens and moving the veg garden around a bit, especially whilst the weather is fine. I also have a hug blanket to finish, Josie's quilt to hem and the induction to care to work through as quickly as I can because there might be a chance I could join a few who are going to be doing their NVQ2 in care soon.

Poppy cottage is a tip. I wish it looked like this. Noelle from St Ives makes the most wonderful Houses. I asked it when she had time could she make me one. And as you can see she has!! I know just where it is going to go. By my front door there is a little window. that is where it is going to live. Hint..... they would make really nice Christmas presents for people who have everything, personal (as you can see by the Lily looking out of the window!!) Contact Noelle via her blog. £13.50 plus p&p, you only have to look at the work that goes into them. Let me know if you decide ask her to make one. I can't wait until mine arrives.

A friend took this photo of Lily and I today. This is her hang out and watch the world go by' place in the front garden. It is OK until she decides to see if she can get out.
Oh well. I am off to bed as it is getting late. I have a whole load of things planned for tomorrow as I am not working until tomorrow evening. I wonder just how many of those things I will actually get done!!
I thought, after reading this post that actually, although Jasper's Dad wasn't there to watch him on board the ship, he does take Jasper and watch Jasper at Rugby. (I am not allowed to go by Jasper as he is so embarrassed by me, especially if I take that knitting stuff!) I guess what I meant was I would have liked him to see him on parade.
Take care and have a good week.


  1. Hi Collete. I love the photo of you and Lily and you don't look 37. Honestly, if someone ha shown me that photo and I didnt know, I would have said you looked 27. Your "friend" who you worked with the other night sounds a bit strange to me. She tells everyone she's younger than she actually is - if she does look good for her age, why lie? Why not be proud of the fact? Then she tries to make herself feel better by making you feel bad? Believe me, I know the type!!! You ought to take Jasper to rugby - rugby players have such gorgeous legs!! You could drool!!! I also know what you mean about going through phases with making stuff. I go in fits and starts - go with the flow. I'm really glad you are enjoying your new job -and you should throw yourself into it if you enjoy it so much. Good for you!! The cotttage that Noelle made you is simply stunning. I think you are a lovely lady and you deserve to have a nice time - be kind to yourself. xxxxxxx

  2. hooray! I'm glad to see a new post, though that's not a criticism as I know how busy you've been with the new (and improved!) job. Just nice to catch up.

    Those houses are great. I might see if she can do one of our little house. Brilliant present indeed.

    How the --- do you keep up with all those projects?!? I have finished the back of the baby cardigan and started the front but if I don't get spinning I'm going to run out of yarn. It must be different when you're making stuff to sell, it changes your stuff from a hobby to work. I found that with gardening too.

    Great pic of you and Lily

    :-) Jen

  3. hi colette, Thanks very much for that wonderful mention of me! Have posted your house today x x glad you lovin the job, i too work with the elderly but in their own homes, they can't half be funny and have some great stories to tell! x x x

  4. Seasons come and go and with that there is change...embrace it..its for a reason..maybe you need a break from what you were doing..sounds like you have a great new job...enjoy and thank ma lives in one of these places. We need them to be filled with beautiful souls like your cottage..:) lucky girl :)x

  5. lucky you, the cottage is so sweet, noelle has done a great job!

  6. Hi Colette....can you please email me your details...then i will email back to you with so much..look forward to creating for you...:)x


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