Saturday, 17 October 2009

Getting sorted!! (well thinking about it anyway)

Hello. Seems ages since I have written a post. You know when life just seems to get in the way?

I found this photo of me about 8 years ago. How I miss that way of life, of hands smelling of sheep poo, spending my life in rigger boots or wellies all day. I know some people will think yuck, but I loved it so much.

Still, on with the here and now! I have finally finished Josie's horse quilt. She says I started it when she was 10, I know it was a long time ago but I can't believe it was really that long ago. But now it is finished. That's one thing off my to do list! The other thing I have finished I can't blog about as it is a Christmas present but I have washed it, blocked it (as best as I can) So that makes 2 things off the list! (she says feeling rather smug)

I guess the pheasant feeder in a competition run by Pomona

I now have a very sweet lavender pouch and some handmade soap. Thank you so much. It was lovely as it was wrapped in material done up with green ribbon. Jose has use the ribbon in her art.
As you can see, progress on the Hug is hampered by Socks. Sorry Ash!

But I have had a lovely visit by a very special man.......
My Grandad - Dooks. I love his pirate flag on this scooter. I made him a fleece blanket with skull and cross bones on it for his Birthday. (whis is the red thing he is sitting on!!)

The front garden is under a change (again!) I'll keep you posted.

I seem to have company what ever I do or where ever I am when I am at home. I guess that isn't a bad thing.

I also am the proud owner of this from Noelle. They would make such lovely Christmas presents.

I hope you have a really lovely weekend. I'm working tomorrow, but I don't mind - because I love it!!!!!!


  1. hi Colette, wondered where you'd gone! love the pictures of grandad on his scooter. Thanks for including 'poppy cottage' glad you like it! x x x am very pleased you're lovin your job, it makes it so much easier doesn't it? x x

  2. Hello Noelle. Yep. Enjoying your job makes all the difference doesn't it. Oh well, off to cream legs and chat to interesting people with loads of history - even if they can't remember most of it!!

  3. I am glad that your package arrived safely - I was hoping that it wouldn't end up in a backlog somewhere! I love your little cottage too - I am hoping someone might get me one for Christmas!

    Pomona x

  4. Well done on the quilt! Looks great. And you can don your wellies anytime and dag out our sheep, if you miss it! Mike is convinced they will never see the inside of a freezer (even though we bought a new one today). Have fun at work, enjoy the puds ;-)

  5. Great pictures - I think you should go on "Farmer wants a wife" and see if they can find you a nice farmer chap so that you can get back to shearing sheep (although you can tell why all the ones on it so far have been single!!!!!!!!!!!) xxxxx

  6. Think it is easier to go and buy my own sheep again!! (or take Jen up on her offer!!)

  7. I love your Grandad riding off into the sunset, great pictures!

  8. Hi Colette...i bet your g/dad is so happy with his fleece blanket :) and look at all that happy mail...spoiled girl you are.:)

  9. I like the idea of the pirate flag and the little cottage is sweet.

  10. just popped in to say hello cause I liked your
    blog name (love poppies) I'm glad I did I will be back to visit often.


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