Friday, 4 September 2009

Mmmm... Interesting

Hello. Well yesterday was interesting. I had no need to a) take so much stuff, b) worry about it so much. This was the small basket of cut, to be cut and Blue Peter style 'here's one I made earlier' flowers. The centre had just heard that they had been giving some more money to pay for a potter to come and make thing for an exhibition on Potter and disabilities. The potter is Fennella ( I think that is how you spell her name She is one of the potters at The Symonsbury Pottery . I have LOADS of Miles Bell's cups, plates etc. So for the next six weeks I am going to be helping that instead. Wow!! I think i am finally doing things work/ (albeit un-paid) that I really enjoy. If you look at the link her plates are the oval ones with leaves etc on them.

I did have pottery lessons when I was expecting Jose. My little sister was doing Pottery as her skill for the Duke of Edinburgh award. It got to the stage at 9 months gone I could no longer reach the wheel. The potter was called Midge, she had two sons called Hamish and Jed. I still have some of her bowls. I'd love to know if she was still potting. So now I don't have to think of stuff to make for 6 weeks, I can relax and enjoy starting my new job, making some stuff to sell at a couple of Christmas Craft Fayres and hopefully FINISH some stuff!!!!! eg. this felted camera case.....
But then again, I just happened to stumble across this blanket in the Charity shop (the one where I went for the job!!) So I came home and shoved it in the washing machine so it is already felted and waiting to be 'bagged!!'
Last night my head was in a bit of a mess, it gets that way sometimes, well often actually. I used to walk and talk to Daz. We chat away, she'd just listen, look up at me with those wonderful brown eyes that I miss so very much and we'd think of a way to cope. (I know you must all think I am nuts!) I haven't felt that I could do the same with Lil, until last night. Jose had a friend to stay and it was so lovely to hear the girls chatting, they cooked dinner and I though i would take Lil for a quick walk and leave them to it. But I just walked, through fields in the dark to West Bay. (funny how a few years ago I would have been really scared, but now it doesn't bother me at all) The Moon was wonderful. (I can't work out how to stay still enough to get a good night time photo!)
It was just what I needed. If I didn't need to be up early, I think we would have gone and sat on the beach. I kind of wish we had. It was so peaceful.
I have been contacted on this 'Face book thing' by a girl (well lady now) I used to got to school with. She shares the same Birthday as me. She was so nice at school. Not one of the stab you in the back bitchy girls that so many were like. Debbie was tall like me, with this wonderful auburn hair. Always smiley. Funny what you remember about people. Why do we loose touch with the friends who we had at school. I know there is boyfriends, jobs that get in the way but it is silly really isn't it. It doesn't take much to keep in touch.

I used to have a front lawn........ Now I have happy free range growing chicks!

Being watched by Marmalade from the safety of the chair!! You should see the Mum hen when he gets too close!!
And Socks, my middle cat, showing off. Even though she is the other side of 15, she can still balance on the gate!
So I am now going to get on with some jobs as Jose is at my Mum's doing shed loads of last minute homework. Too many distractions here! Jasper is with his Dad (as my house is SO boring!!) So I shall tidy, sort and put away. I also have a birthday card to make, an address to find and a sorry for itself blight ridden poly tunnel to sort out!


  1. Lots of interesting things happening over at your house (apart from the blight!!). I love the camera case. You never know, your unpaid work might eventually lead to something "paid". Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I bet you are really proud you took the plunge - Go Girl - I'm dead chuffed for you!

  2. Know the feeling about the polytunnel - ours is looking a bit sad and messy! But there is such a long list of things to do at this time of year!

    Pomona x

  3. Oh I don't think I would be concerned at all about moon-photo taking skills if I were you. I think the movement of those trees looks quite Van Gogh-ish!

  4. Don't lose your schoolfriends, they become treasures in your life. My "treasure" of some 46 years is staying with us at the moment and we never run out of things to say or laugh about!

  5. your pic of the moon was just lovely - how fantastic to be able to walk to the beach - oh how i wish! So glad your job (unpaid) went well - i've always wanted to learn how to pot!


  6. That camera case is fabulous! Well done for getting on with some of your own stuff. You're very brave and open on your blog, it's so genuine. And of course you're not mad talking to your dog. Dakota is my best friend and when things get muddled, we walk or have a cuddle on the couch and it all feels better. (She's sitting next to my chair as I type this!) See you tuesday :-)

  7. sounds great, all thats going on . I used to do pottery at school and i loved it but never took it any further. good luck with everything and yes i shall make a poppy cottage for you , am looking for some small print poppy fabric at the moment so you might have to give me a few weeks!! noelle xx

  8. I love the movement in your moon shot...its gorgeous. From one felter to another i love your camera case...and that blanket...what a fab idea. Thanks for the inspiration. I have machine felted a few old things but had not thought to keep my eye out for old blankets. Will pop back to see what you create with this. :)


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