Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Make over, Making and to make

Jasper was with me this weekend as his Dad was off sailing (sadly Jasper doesn't share his passion) So we went to see my Grandad and raided his Damson tree. Collected various jam jars from neighbours and Jasper set to making jam. He had to cut each one to check for grubs, seems to have been a year for them on this tree. Careful Jasper, nearly had a smile. It is funny for such a butch hard nut, he loves cooking and baking.

And Lily proves she can raise a smile from him!! and that she is still a big pup really.

I have to admit that I do prefer Jose with her natural colour hair. I think it makes her blue eyes stand out more. (still wonder where these blue eye (blonde when they were younger children came from, both their Dad and I have brown eyes and brown hair.)
Right now....on to the Poppy Cottage Makeover. No carpet in my cottage anymore, just rubbed down floorboards, here in the bathroom. I will save up one day and re-do the bathroom, but I will paint the walls for now.
Then Josie's room, Typical teenagers state of tidiness......

And the hall, don't look too close, it hadn't been cleaned since piling all the carpet from upstairs on it before going to the tip. (and finding this most wonderful cupboard for £2 - more of that tomorrow)

Mum hen and her growing brood have not had there home moved to s secluded corner of the front garden after giving the bench to my friend over at

And tomorrow I have my first session helping with Arts and Craft at the local day care centre for Adults with disabilities. I am really looking forward to it but really nervous. I think until I know the abilities of the people who I am going to be working with, I am unsure what to do. I don't want to do anything too simple it ends up being boring, or to hard which results in it not being very enjoyable.

So some felted jumpers.....

Playing with cut out flowers....

And pretty buttons........
I thought I would cut some out but also take some ready to be cut out. What do you think?

Then late last night I had a play, found some beads... a very thin quilting needle.....

Just need to make some backs up on felt circles.
Underneath the nerves, I am really really looking forward to it.
I wrote on (she is having a give away to celebrate 150 blog posts) how I remember being 18 like it was yesterday (her daughter has just turned 18) but seeing as I will be 37 this month, it is the years in between I can't remember much about, it has just whizzed by.
Lily still hasn't grown out of the chewing stage, seems to be cardboard boxes or knitting needles, mainly bamboo ones that have knitting attached to them!! I am knitting my Grandad some wrist warmers from some of my wool I have spun, but now I am on the hunt for another size 8mm............Anyone want a Golden Retriever????? I'll throw in two teenager's free.... Hey a Poppy Cottage give away!!


  1. love the bathroom floor - looks great. your teenager's bedroom is tidy - with mine you can't even see the floor!!!!
    Your flowers for tomorrow are lovely and i'm sure they will enjoy making them. having some already cut out is a great plan, that will really get things moving.
    wishing you lots of luck, which i'm sure you won't need.


  2. Go on then, I'll have 'em. Might stop my 2 from getting bored!!The dog would definately go down well!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow. xxxxx

  3. Where the heck do you find the energy?!?!? Everything looks great - don't forget to get some crafting time in for yourself!!

    Good luck tomorrow, I'll text you anyway to see how it's going. You'll do great and they'll be glad of something new and skilled to do. Break a leg :-)

  4. Yes - I agree about the teenager's bedroom - I don't even dare look through the door any more! Our border collie used to have a penchant for knitting needles, knitting, and textiles in general - but luckily she has grown out of most of it. Hope the new job goes well!

    Pomona x

  5. Great giveaway!!!!!! although i'm not sure its for me! we have just acquired two canaries to add to our menagerie ( the 2 cats are quite delighted!!) I hope it goes well tomorrow, i'm sure it will be great fun, hope we get to read all about it. x x noelle


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