Saturday, 12 September 2009

Just in the nick of time

If you check out I have taken part in the 'Pay it forward'

The first 3 people to sign up to my Pay it Forward will receive some hand made goodies from me and then they need to each post about the PIF and make some handmade goodies for the first 3 people who sign up to their PIF. Leave a comment if you want to join in! the good news is you have 365 days to send your goodies! (words from Lyn's blog).

So do I have three takers??????????????????????????????????


  1. Sorry, but I signed up to Lyns's to!! If neither of us get any takers, we'll just do a swap.. You may get something made of patchwork though!!

  2. i'd love to sign up if that's okay?


  3. Count me in too - you'll have to explain it to me thoroughly as I'm being a bit 'Tim nice but Dim' lately!

    Can I stop by and pick up some apples from you? Do you want a jar of beetroot & ginger chutney? :-)

  4. I am not sure if Diane's comment above means that you have three takers, or not! But if you have a space, then I would like to join, too.

    Pomona x


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