Saturday, 19 September 2009

Birthdays, Friends and Family

Whoops!! must change the side bit to 37!

I had a lovely Birthday on Friday. I think one of the most happiest ones I remember. I relaxed day at home, coffee in bed with the J's and Lily on my bed in the morning with lovely presents. Interspersed from visits (and a drum carder!!!! thank you Rob) or being taken out for coffee & cake (Thank you Nicki) then hot chocolate and more cake (thank you Jayne) by really lovely good friends then lunch with my Mum, Dad, Grandad and Aunt. A lovely visit (and smashing fruit cake) from Graham (who I used to work with) and his better half Tina. With a carrier bag of home grown wallflowers (all ready planted!!) and a load of fleece, perfect to cover cuttings in the poly tunnel this winter. (although Lily kept barking at him, or barking in her 'I am talking' type way, must be the beard). It is strange. I really miss working with Graham. I think he, along with his humour kept me sane and it was nice to meet Tina properly. Happy J's home from School then off to work for a twilight shift.

I am so far totally loving my job. Everything about it. I hope that this going to carry on for a long long time! Finally a niche, is that what it is called?

I think what was so nice about the presents from the J's is that they brought them with their own money earned over the summer. Jasper gave me these Jose gave me a voucher from Waterstones as well as the 2010 Country Living Diary. Spotty PJ's. So in the morning I went and had a look through their books. I couldn't make up my mind, so many lovely books. I settled on this . I have missed sewing so intend to do more of it, after all it isn't that I don't have much material is it!! Then my Sister, Grandad and Aunt gave me Birthday money too, so in the end I came home with this and this

I just am so lucky. The best thing of all is I know I am, I think that humbles you in a way. As i have said before, I may be skint but I am incredibly rich in Friends and Family and after all that is all that really matters isn't it.

Take care and have a lovely week x


  1. Belated Happy BIrthday - it sounds as though you had a perfect day:)

  2. happy birthday (belatedly), your day sounds triffic. Lovely bookage, always a good spend of money.

  3. Happy belated birthday - you sound like you had a great day. You do sound very very lucky - I know being skint is sometimes very scary, but having too much money can often be a curse. xxxxxxxxx

  4. happy birthday to you, sorry its late. Sounds like you had a great day and lovely presents!!

  5. Thank you for your Birthday wishes. I did have a lovely Birthday, I think the J's are growing up and started it off in such a lovely way it just went to make my day so special.

  6. a very very happy belated birthday! (have had no puter for nearly a fortnight!) i have the first and third books, but not the second one - is it good? i agree with you that to be blessed with family and friends is something special.


  7. hi Colette,i couldn,t find the fabric i was after for 'poppy cottage' so have another idea! have just started it tonight will let you see it when its done, see if you like it !! Have a good week x

  8. Hello Noelle.

    I am sure I will love it.

    Thank you.

    Colette x

  9. It sounds like you had a lovely birthday, & thank you for your kind comments about my mittens! i CO 36s, knit on 3.75 DPN. I put 5 stitches on the waste yarn for the thumb, then picked up another 10 when the time came to knit the thumb. if you're on ravely just do a search for 'toasty', mine will be in the finished projects section, or look for me - i'm, hademadeathome on there too 7 it will be in my projects. let me know if you need any other info or help.

  10. Hello
    I have just discovered your lovely blog via Sew on and sew on. I am about to have my porridge whilst reading through your past posts. I lived in Dorset for 3 years and love the county very much!
    Have a good weekend
    Isabelle x

  11. Hey Colette. this is a bit late...but i just scrolled down and read this're on the money when you said about being skint but what truly matters is to have those you love around you....thats it sweetie...its good to strive for more...we are human after all ..but remembering to be grateful and happy with what we have is a blessing....sounds like you had a very special birthday...good on you :)x


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