Saturday, 19 September 2009

Birthdays, Friends and Family

Whoops!! must change the side bit to 37!

I had a lovely Birthday on Friday. I think one of the most happiest ones I remember. I relaxed day at home, coffee in bed with the J's and Lily on my bed in the morning with lovely presents. Interspersed from visits (and a drum carder!!!! thank you Rob) or being taken out for coffee & cake (Thank you Nicki) then hot chocolate and more cake (thank you Jayne) by really lovely good friends then lunch with my Mum, Dad, Grandad and Aunt. A lovely visit (and smashing fruit cake) from Graham (who I used to work with) and his better half Tina. With a carrier bag of home grown wallflowers (all ready planted!!) and a load of fleece, perfect to cover cuttings in the poly tunnel this winter. (although Lily kept barking at him, or barking in her 'I am talking' type way, must be the beard). It is strange. I really miss working with Graham. I think he, along with his humour kept me sane and it was nice to meet Tina properly. Happy J's home from School then off to work for a twilight shift.

I am so far totally loving my job. Everything about it. I hope that this going to carry on for a long long time! Finally a niche, is that what it is called?

I think what was so nice about the presents from the J's is that they brought them with their own money earned over the summer. Jasper gave me these Jose gave me a voucher from Waterstones as well as the 2010 Country Living Diary. Spotty PJ's. So in the morning I went and had a look through their books. I couldn't make up my mind, so many lovely books. I settled on this . I have missed sewing so intend to do more of it, after all it isn't that I don't have much material is it!! Then my Sister, Grandad and Aunt gave me Birthday money too, so in the end I came home with this and this

I just am so lucky. The best thing of all is I know I am, I think that humbles you in a way. As i have said before, I may be skint but I am incredibly rich in Friends and Family and after all that is all that really matters isn't it.

Take care and have a lovely week x

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Just in the nick of time

If you check out I have taken part in the 'Pay it forward'

The first 3 people to sign up to my Pay it Forward will receive some hand made goodies from me and then they need to each post about the PIF and make some handmade goodies for the first 3 people who sign up to their PIF. Leave a comment if you want to join in! the good news is you have 365 days to send your goodies! (words from Lyn's blog).

So do I have three takers??????????????????????????????????

A proud Mummy moment (and Aunty)


It has been a bit of an odd week. I started my new job on Thursday, finished my old one on Friday. I enjoyed my first day, I think, my feet hurt as I wore slightly smart shoes, and smart black trousers! This could take a bit of getting used to.

I walked back into my cottage on Thursday evening with such mixed feelings. I have started to really enjoy coming home lately. I guess that it is because slowly the cottage is coming together, but also because I know that the shifts I will be working will give me days off and time to do the 'Mummy' things. Also sorting out and either putting away or giving away!! Also the not so positive feeling are because I have taken a massive pay cut (well £1.20 per hours to me is a big cut) in order to get some qualifications. So being the bread winner/Mum/cook/cleaner and bottle washer in this house, it is a concern I have, I would be lying if I said it wasn't. A lesson to learn, never take out a bank loan unless you really really need to. Without that I wouldn't be worrying at all!!

Any how, this photo..... it was taken some 11 years ago (I am holding Jasper) This was taken last night, the reason Jasper isn't in the photo it at the bottom of this post. My Mum is wearing the same dress!!!!! AND CAN STILL FIT IN IT! I don't think I could get my legs in those jeans if I tried!
I always seem to look like a tramp in family photo's.

My elder sister and her partner Ian.

My little sis and my Dad.
My lovely niece and her boyfriend Ray.

The reason for this family meal?

Ashley is off to London to University. To study Nursing. She met her boyfriend whilst working in Dorchester Hospital. He is a young Dr (I know, stuff of romance novels!!). It is really odd to see her with a 'proper' boyfriend. It make her seem sooooooo grown up.

My two very special girls, both of whom I love and am so proud of.

I know this is going to sound really sad... but..... I have looked at baskets of yarn/wool on other blogs and thought, MMMMMmmmmm nice. Her is my own basket!

Ashley has asked if I would make her a blanket for her room at uni. A granny square blanket would just take too long, so it is going to be a giant granny square blanket. It is going to be known as the HUG blanket, whenever she feels like she needs a hug, she will be able to grab the hug blanket.
And why the proud Mummy moment? Jose makes me proud an awful lot of the time, I hope she already knows that.
But today it was Jasper's turn. OK forget all the things he called me because he though his kit wouldn't be washed, dried and ironed before Friday. Of course Jasper forgot, I am a Mum, and as we all know that means we have magical powers to get things sorted!
As you can see, Mum worked those powers on Thursday evening!

It was so worth the lack of sleep to see my boy look like that. I just wish his Dad had seen him rather then go sailing.
Somethings just are not worth missing for the world. I also wish I had asked my Mum to come with me. I did feel very much the loner. I was the only one on their own. I was also amazed by how no one really included me in a conversation. If that was the other way around I know I would have gone out of my way to try and make someone who was obviousily on their own not feel awkward. Never mind that is just how I guess it is when they go to Secondary School. When at Primary, you tend to know and become friends with many of the parents. But I was so proud of my son, that was all that mattered. (he has also been picked to play for the year 10 rugby team at school and next weekend it is the county trials for Rugby!)

To celebrate the setting up of the CCF Royal Navy section at their school, a commissioning ceremony was held on board HMS Albion in Portland Harbour. The cadets had the opportunity to spend the night on board, to give them a taste of life aboard a fully functioning warship.
Along with a helicopter fly past.

Then it was time to go home. Two very tired young men. Where has that little cute blonde toddler gone?
Mummy hen is now happy with her clan up in the back garden now.
And tomorrow I have another proud Mummy moment. Jose starts a new job!
So sometime I look back and thing what have I done with the last 37 years (yep, blimey, Friday will see me get a bit closer to 40!!) but then I write a blog entry like this and it answers my question!
Enjoy your weekend. I am having what I hope will be the final Poppy Cottage move around, well I hope it is going to be the last, but you never know!!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Mmmm... Interesting

Hello. Well yesterday was interesting. I had no need to a) take so much stuff, b) worry about it so much. This was the small basket of cut, to be cut and Blue Peter style 'here's one I made earlier' flowers. The centre had just heard that they had been giving some more money to pay for a potter to come and make thing for an exhibition on Potter and disabilities. The potter is Fennella ( I think that is how you spell her name She is one of the potters at The Symonsbury Pottery . I have LOADS of Miles Bell's cups, plates etc. So for the next six weeks I am going to be helping that instead. Wow!! I think i am finally doing things work/ (albeit un-paid) that I really enjoy. If you look at the link her plates are the oval ones with leaves etc on them.

I did have pottery lessons when I was expecting Jose. My little sister was doing Pottery as her skill for the Duke of Edinburgh award. It got to the stage at 9 months gone I could no longer reach the wheel. The potter was called Midge, she had two sons called Hamish and Jed. I still have some of her bowls. I'd love to know if she was still potting. So now I don't have to think of stuff to make for 6 weeks, I can relax and enjoy starting my new job, making some stuff to sell at a couple of Christmas Craft Fayres and hopefully FINISH some stuff!!!!! eg. this felted camera case.....
But then again, I just happened to stumble across this blanket in the Charity shop (the one where I went for the job!!) So I came home and shoved it in the washing machine so it is already felted and waiting to be 'bagged!!'
Last night my head was in a bit of a mess, it gets that way sometimes, well often actually. I used to walk and talk to Daz. We chat away, she'd just listen, look up at me with those wonderful brown eyes that I miss so very much and we'd think of a way to cope. (I know you must all think I am nuts!) I haven't felt that I could do the same with Lil, until last night. Jose had a friend to stay and it was so lovely to hear the girls chatting, they cooked dinner and I though i would take Lil for a quick walk and leave them to it. But I just walked, through fields in the dark to West Bay. (funny how a few years ago I would have been really scared, but now it doesn't bother me at all) The Moon was wonderful. (I can't work out how to stay still enough to get a good night time photo!)
It was just what I needed. If I didn't need to be up early, I think we would have gone and sat on the beach. I kind of wish we had. It was so peaceful.
I have been contacted on this 'Face book thing' by a girl (well lady now) I used to got to school with. She shares the same Birthday as me. She was so nice at school. Not one of the stab you in the back bitchy girls that so many were like. Debbie was tall like me, with this wonderful auburn hair. Always smiley. Funny what you remember about people. Why do we loose touch with the friends who we had at school. I know there is boyfriends, jobs that get in the way but it is silly really isn't it. It doesn't take much to keep in touch.

I used to have a front lawn........ Now I have happy free range growing chicks!

Being watched by Marmalade from the safety of the chair!! You should see the Mum hen when he gets too close!!
And Socks, my middle cat, showing off. Even though she is the other side of 15, she can still balance on the gate!
So I am now going to get on with some jobs as Jose is at my Mum's doing shed loads of last minute homework. Too many distractions here! Jasper is with his Dad (as my house is SO boring!!) So I shall tidy, sort and put away. I also have a birthday card to make, an address to find and a sorry for itself blight ridden poly tunnel to sort out!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Make over, Making and to make

Jasper was with me this weekend as his Dad was off sailing (sadly Jasper doesn't share his passion) So we went to see my Grandad and raided his Damson tree. Collected various jam jars from neighbours and Jasper set to making jam. He had to cut each one to check for grubs, seems to have been a year for them on this tree. Careful Jasper, nearly had a smile. It is funny for such a butch hard nut, he loves cooking and baking.

And Lily proves she can raise a smile from him!! and that she is still a big pup really.

I have to admit that I do prefer Jose with her natural colour hair. I think it makes her blue eyes stand out more. (still wonder where these blue eye (blonde when they were younger children came from, both their Dad and I have brown eyes and brown hair.)
Right now....on to the Poppy Cottage Makeover. No carpet in my cottage anymore, just rubbed down floorboards, here in the bathroom. I will save up one day and re-do the bathroom, but I will paint the walls for now.
Then Josie's room, Typical teenagers state of tidiness......

And the hall, don't look too close, it hadn't been cleaned since piling all the carpet from upstairs on it before going to the tip. (and finding this most wonderful cupboard for £2 - more of that tomorrow)

Mum hen and her growing brood have not had there home moved to s secluded corner of the front garden after giving the bench to my friend over at

And tomorrow I have my first session helping with Arts and Craft at the local day care centre for Adults with disabilities. I am really looking forward to it but really nervous. I think until I know the abilities of the people who I am going to be working with, I am unsure what to do. I don't want to do anything too simple it ends up being boring, or to hard which results in it not being very enjoyable.

So some felted jumpers.....

Playing with cut out flowers....

And pretty buttons........
I thought I would cut some out but also take some ready to be cut out. What do you think?

Then late last night I had a play, found some beads... a very thin quilting needle.....

Just need to make some backs up on felt circles.
Underneath the nerves, I am really really looking forward to it.
I wrote on (she is having a give away to celebrate 150 blog posts) how I remember being 18 like it was yesterday (her daughter has just turned 18) but seeing as I will be 37 this month, it is the years in between I can't remember much about, it has just whizzed by.
Lily still hasn't grown out of the chewing stage, seems to be cardboard boxes or knitting needles, mainly bamboo ones that have knitting attached to them!! I am knitting my Grandad some wrist warmers from some of my wool I have spun, but now I am on the hunt for another size 8mm............Anyone want a Golden Retriever????? I'll throw in two teenager's free.... Hey a Poppy Cottage give away!!

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