Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tagged (and some good news!!!!)

I have been tagged by Noelle from

I have to reach for the nearest book.......
Rule Britannia by Daphne Du Maurier. I have been lent this to read and am amazed by the fact that it was written in the year I was born, 1972, but Daphne seemed to almost tell the future.
So OK, I have to turn to page 161 and post sentence five......
(bit of a shame really as I am on page 143!!)
'What's the betting they're all sitting huddled over the calor-gas stoves in the caravans they've commandeered?'
Now I have to go and snuggle up on my bed (with the fairy lights on the shelves I made - might take a photo - that will shame me into sorting it out) and read on until page 161!!!
Oh and a bit of good news......... Well I think it is, I am not sure about what my bosses will think.
I have been offered a job. At the residential home in West Bay, Harbour House. Less hours, less money (£1.20 less per hour!!), but better career prospects for me for when the J's fly the nest. I will have more time to do the Mum things, I will have more time with Lily, more time to sort out my house and garden. More time to do the Open University course (the short one, they call it an opening course) I will get to do my NVQ's. I will be able to walk to work again. I will be able to work at least one night a fortnight. More time to.....spin, knit, crochet and make stuff!!
Pretty damn chuffed actually.
Nun night x


  1. Congratulations! My friend always says "Work to live, not live to work" which I think means don't let it take over your life!
    I'm very pleased for you Hun.

  2. i am pleased for you too! good luck and well done x x

  3. It's rather exciting isn't it?
    It's always exciting (and a tiny bit scary) when suddenly life changes and everything looks full of possibilities.

    And think of all that extra time you'll have........fabulous!
    So, yup, I'm jolly pleased for you too....WELL DONE!!!!!

    Nicki x

  4. that sounds brilliant - its hard to balance everything sometimes and before you know it the kids have left home!


  5. Clever old you!!! I like the sound of your new job, and all the opportunities it opens up for you. A very big well done!!!xxxx


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