Friday, 28 August 2009

Blog discovery!

You know when you come across a blog that makes you want to spend hours reading all of the old posts. Well, I followed the link from someone who has just left me a comment. And look what I found

I have been Wowed!! If I ever make it to Kent, I know where I will be staying!

The Poppy Cottage makeover is well under way. Jose's room has sanded floorboards, varnished and just got to sew her curtains tonight. Jasper's is varnished (well I just have got to finish the last tiny bit). I didn't bother sanding his as they were lovely and clean under the carpet. And as he is spending more time at his Dad's I thought I could get away with it.

So then in my wisdom late last night, the last of the carpet came up from the bathroom. So I have just brought some more sandpaper and will get to work on that after lunch.

It is just Jasper and I tonight so I thought I would shock him by cooking Roast Pork from Cliff in Wales and veg from the top of Poppy Cottages garden. (and maybe a blackberry and apple pie (also from the garden.)

Jasper is at that wonderful age when being seen with Mum is just the worst that life can get. But hopefully i can rope him into to picking the Damsons off my Grandad's tree and making jam.

The chicks are free range in the front garden. I think the Mum hen would kill Marmalade if he went anywhere near her babies and the other two cats were used to chickens and chicks anyway. Lily just watches them. Her lessons in Wales really seem to have paid off.

Oh well, off to varnish. Jose and camera back tomorrow. I can show you the cupboard that I got from the tip for £2, the hall, the floor boards and hopefully my felted jumpers ready for Thursday. Also I have a starting date for my new job, or an induction day.......depending if I can actually get the day off from my old one...... fingers crossed.


  1. So glad you like my blog! And thank you for becoming a follower. We spent a few weekends near Bridport last winter - a really beautiful part of the country.

    Pomona x

  2. wow, lots done!!! i made some damson jam yesterday, bit of a pfaff with the stones but worth it! will just pop over and have a look at that blog!


  3. Blimey, lifes busy for you. will look forward to seeing your photos x x

  4. Since I liberated all the Interiors magazines from my neighbours recycling, I too now have plans for a makeover!! It will all be about doing alot - but costing very little!!xxx


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