Friday, 28 August 2009

Blog discovery!

You know when you come across a blog that makes you want to spend hours reading all of the old posts. Well, I followed the link from someone who has just left me a comment. And look what I found

I have been Wowed!! If I ever make it to Kent, I know where I will be staying!

The Poppy Cottage makeover is well under way. Jose's room has sanded floorboards, varnished and just got to sew her curtains tonight. Jasper's is varnished (well I just have got to finish the last tiny bit). I didn't bother sanding his as they were lovely and clean under the carpet. And as he is spending more time at his Dad's I thought I could get away with it.

So then in my wisdom late last night, the last of the carpet came up from the bathroom. So I have just brought some more sandpaper and will get to work on that after lunch.

It is just Jasper and I tonight so I thought I would shock him by cooking Roast Pork from Cliff in Wales and veg from the top of Poppy Cottages garden. (and maybe a blackberry and apple pie (also from the garden.)

Jasper is at that wonderful age when being seen with Mum is just the worst that life can get. But hopefully i can rope him into to picking the Damsons off my Grandad's tree and making jam.

The chicks are free range in the front garden. I think the Mum hen would kill Marmalade if he went anywhere near her babies and the other two cats were used to chickens and chicks anyway. Lily just watches them. Her lessons in Wales really seem to have paid off.

Oh well, off to varnish. Jose and camera back tomorrow. I can show you the cupboard that I got from the tip for £2, the hall, the floor boards and hopefully my felted jumpers ready for Thursday. Also I have a starting date for my new job, or an induction day.......depending if I can actually get the day off from my old one...... fingers crossed.

Monday, 24 August 2009

An assortment!!

Hello. Sorry I haven't been blogging for ages!!

Still hopefully I shall be back on track.

Lily and I dropped Jasper off at a camp thing in Exmoor and then we set off for a short break in Wales (at the small holding on the right hand side of my page). When I say short, I mean over night and a day. But Hey!! That's a holiday for me!

I also wanted to give Lily some livestock manner lessons. Cliff has an assortment of animals, three lovely dogs and chickens!! And it is chickens that I really need to get Lily used to. She met them on Saturday evening (bearing in mind my heart was in my mouth, even though she was on the lead) By Sunday afternoon Cliff suggested I let her off the lead. (GULP!) I am a Mum and there are many times when I have been so so proud, nothing compared to how I felt when my wee blonde girl behaved her self so so well!! Sad I know! (sorry Jose and Jasper) You could really see that her concentration did have a limited span, and I needed to keep on top of her, almost thinking her next thought, but she was so good.

She watched the pigs but I have no idea what she thought of them. She was just so busy playing and really enjoying the space to run. (it did make me realise how much I really miss living on a smallholding, raising my own meat and enjoying the general way of life.) Still one day at a time, maybe I will get there again, albeit on a small Colette sized scale.
I came home with two lovey Jacob fleeces, and have washed and carded some already. I even gave Cliff a felt making and carding lesson. Not sure if he thought I was a good teacher but he did end up with an amazing piece of felt from his own sheep.
Mistletoe is the most pretty calf I think I have ever seen. She really thinks of herself as one of Cliff's dogs.
And this is Mark, a British White calf. First one born at Ffos Yr Ewig. The brown markings seem to be a bit of a puzzle. They should be black.

See what I mean by so pretty.

And rare breed pigs

Friends to play with. Last time I was up there is was Daz enjoying the space. How life can change in such a short while.
And of course WATER!!!! This girl can find water a mile away. Stagnate or fresh, she loves it!

So that brings me to now...... On Saturday I went to Fibrefest in Devon. Wow!!! What a way to spend a day. Fleece, wool, spinners. I came home with some amazing spun wool, all for 50p a ball. The mill ends, but so soft and best of all cheap!! And a day out with Jenny. Please have a look at her blog, Jen is married to a game keeper in Mapperton, near Beaminster in Dorset. This woman is amazing. She is this fountain of knowledge and skills. But has a lovely way of saying stuff. Like you would love a teacher to have been at school when you were a child. She makes it interesting, so you learn without realising it. (she puts me to shame, as being a country girl I realise I have little or no knowledge of the country ways.) If you follow her blog you will see how the country ways have been kept alive. Weather you agree with the country sports or not, the fact is they have been around for so long and the traditions involved in it are fascinating.
It was Jenny who has in the last few months taught me to spin. Something that I am so grateful for.
Peg looms (rug size) I would really like to use some of the fleece I have got to make a rug for my hall way.

The natural colours of fleece, especially the cream and brown of the Jacob, lends itself to being made into one.
And it is a great way to use up what isn't great to spin with or make into felt. Handy as I have been given another MASSIVE fleece.
These are all made from Shetland fleece. Small sheep with a wide range of colour in the fleece.

Lots of Ideas (like I really need more to fill my head with!)
The small squares are the natural colours of the fleece. Pretty amazing or what!

Not sure if I would wear it of hang it on my wall......
This is made by wet felting. The lady I asked didn't know if the detail was added by needle felting, but it is amazing.
Poppy Cottage has undergone a bit of a transformation. I have handed my notice in and should be starting my new job soon. I brought some tiles for the floor in the hall. OK, maybe not the colour I would have chosen, but actually brilliant. You see, I am a terracotta girl, don't show the dirt, wet muddy Lily prints but these are cream, but in fact make the hall way seem so much lighter and bigger. And I have re-painted the walls and I am determined to really have a sort out. I spend so much time when I could be making stuff, looking for things, moving things around and doing 'house work' that I have decided that if I get tidy now, before I start my new job, I will make a real effort to try and stay that way!!
What do you think???????
So I start the volunteer arts and craft post on the 3rd of September. We are going to be making felt badges. So I need to pull my finger out and make some samples. I am really looking forward to it but also really scared. Not the worlds most confident person. Also until I go down, I don't know the abilities of the people I will have. I don't want to do something too simple that it becomes boring, or too complicated that it makes it unenjoyable. But at least I can play at 'lesson planning'.
I'm 37 next month, and I think I have finally decided what I want to do when I grow up. The new job, the volunteer post are all steps along that path. It is quite nice to finally see that I can get my head a little straight and see the wood for the trees.
Can I ask, if anyone has any ideas of things I can do at the day centre can you e-mail me at Simple things that take a couple of hours, look effective and are fun to do.
I should get my camera back from Jose at the weekend she has gone to camp) so I shall be back on to the craft making stuff.
Blimey, what another waffle filled post!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tagged (and some good news!!!!)

I have been tagged by Noelle from

I have to reach for the nearest book.......
Rule Britannia by Daphne Du Maurier. I have been lent this to read and am amazed by the fact that it was written in the year I was born, 1972, but Daphne seemed to almost tell the future.
So OK, I have to turn to page 161 and post sentence five......
(bit of a shame really as I am on page 143!!)
'What's the betting they're all sitting huddled over the calor-gas stoves in the caravans they've commandeered?'
Now I have to go and snuggle up on my bed (with the fairy lights on the shelves I made - might take a photo - that will shame me into sorting it out) and read on until page 161!!!
Oh and a bit of good news......... Well I think it is, I am not sure about what my bosses will think.
I have been offered a job. At the residential home in West Bay, Harbour House. Less hours, less money (£1.20 less per hour!!), but better career prospects for me for when the J's fly the nest. I will have more time to do the Mum things, I will have more time with Lily, more time to sort out my house and garden. More time to do the Open University course (the short one, they call it an opening course) I will get to do my NVQ's. I will be able to walk to work again. I will be able to work at least one night a fortnight. More time to.....spin, knit, crochet and make stuff!!
Pretty damn chuffed actually.
Nun night x
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