Friday, 3 July 2009

Phew!! She loved it!!!!! (I think)

Well. Did it!! (don't go much on this sewing things together bit though!) Jose and I had to be at Mum & Dad's for 8pm (Jose cooked supper at home then we took it up there) at 8.05 I was sewing buttons on it. But I think I have to say it was worth it.
Still not sure......

Yep, OK, at least she didn't hate the colour!

Tell me, is this a compliment? Mum thought it was machine knitted.

"Are you really sure it isn't machine knitted?"

All I can say is I am so glad my Mum is not my height and size, I knitted the first size as it was the easiest to understand on the pattern.
Mum and both my sisters are slight, you know size 10 / 12, about 5'5" lovely size 5/6 feet. You know, the 'can walk into a shop and find something to fit and as for shoes, no problem' Me 5'9", 16 on a good day, size 8 shoes (sometimes 9 would be better). I guess that's from my bio Dad. Tracie my sister always says that I had the good skin and hair and they had the 'idea' body size. I know what I would rather be. (I like wearing hats and who cares about skin, it only keeps your inside in. I'd love to not feel or be the biggest in all photos. - Never mind, as I have got older it doesn't seem to matter anymore).

OK, I think she did like it. It made it all so worth while (mind you I did write in the card that she had to open first "I hope you like it, if you don't please lie and just wear it in the garden. Brings to life the words every stitch is stitched with love!!")
Looking back through the photo's I took I noticed that my Dad is always smiling. Even when we were eating (Attic 24 Sweet and Sour - Thank you Lucy)
Made totally by Josie, Dad seems to always smile.
Mum always calls in to see me on Tuesday evenings after her Pantomime Players Rehearsals. I love it, It might sound daft but it is and hour that is just Mum and Me. And guess what she was wearing!!!!! Yep. Guessed it. So I take it she liked it. Phew!!
The Birthday Girl!!

This is Mum and Dads garden. They live next door to my Grandad. The cottage next door came up for auction about 4 years ago. I think that it was the most nerve wracking time for my parents. That was the only place that Mum would leave our family home for. It was just so important that they were successful in buying it. Cut a long story short. They got it!! It means that Mum doesn't have to drive 5 miles every day to see my Grandad (he is on his own since loosing my Nan). It also means that my Grandad can stay in his cottage for as long as he wants to, you know once he finds things difficult (although at 85 he is fiercely independent, can cook and looks after himself VERY well, not so sure about the cleaning or washing up bit, but hey!! his cleaner now lives next door!!!! ;0)

This is the view from the end of their cottage, uninterrupted across the fields.

And from the front. (the back is the same but full of cows)

This used to look like this.....

And this......

Was this!!!

What happened????????
And these.....

Now wouldn't be in a photo together even if you paid them!!
Jose has been going through old photos and putting them on to her Face book thing.
Where has the time gone? I am sure that I am not alone in thinking that. I used to know this little boy who wore nothing but a t-shirt and red wellies. Not I have a 13 year old who is about to go off for a week on Cadet Camp. Who is dressed all in combat clothes and looks a dashing young man (although Jose and I did laugh as he got his hair cut yesterday as he had been told that if it isn't short enough they shave it for you when you get to camp!!) His rucksack is so large that he could almost fit in it. He packed it himself with military precision. A career in the army would suit him to the tee but, and I know we have no control over what the choose to do in life, but as his Mum I keep my fingers crossed he doesn't choose that path in life. I can't imagine the worry that must be there for parents when their 'babies' go and serve in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Any how. He is only 13, 14 in September (OK I admit, I did have to check with Jose that he was going to be 14 not 13, I was counting back and just couldn't for the life of me believe that 14 years have flown by so fast. Pretty rubbish Mum huh!!
And Jose...... She want to go into Make up and Fashion. She would be so good at that. Fingers crossed that whatever my children do in life, they are happy and healthy. That is all I ask.
Boy what a rambling post.


  1. Ah, but rambling posts are the best kind!

    I'm having the same kind of thoughts about my two today.......the whole bedroom change seems to have made them all grown up. Sweet!!!

    Nicki x

  2. what a lovely post - i'm sure your mum loved her present - it looks great! machine knitting - definitely a compliment! don't talk to me about time flying by!!! its sooo very scary! one minute they are toddlers, the next off to uni!


  3. I'm so glad that your mum liked the waistcoat after all your hard work. As for 14 years going by fast - just you wait! I'm currently wondering where the last 36 years have gone! It doesn't seem possible I can have children as old as that!

  4. Sweety, I could have written this post - every bit of it!! (Except my mums house is no where near as uttlerly gorgeous as your mums). I'm desperatly trying to lose weight, but its going on instead of off!! Its my daughters birthday today - she is 17. SHe has chosen for the first time to spend it without us, and has gone to stay at a friends house (who lives nearer to "the action" with a load of mates. I called her this morning to wish her happy birthday and she told me how awesome her friends mum is as she bought her a card and a cake - i'll stop blubbing eventually, and next year the ungrateful little bugger will get just a card and a cake!!!

  5. So glad you got it finished in time! I must say I really really enjoyed that post. I know exactly what you mean about teenagers who where only toddlers yesterday (or thats how it seems anyway!)
    Thank you so much for welcoming me back, it meant a lot. Love Fi x

  6. I am the background creator and had to peak in to see how it looks. Now that I have, I think I must follow you :)

    This is a wonderful post about your Mum and everything, the kids, etc. It all made me smile inside.

    I, too, am a 5'9 - almost 5'10...won't say my weight but not too bad for my height, could lose another 20 lbs. for me. Never have I been comfortable with me, always being the tall girl who really tried hard to fit in the little girls clothes...with boots, of course because all the pants were way too small.

    You are a very beautiful woman! Your Mum looks so cute opening her gift. What a blessing...all of it.

    The background you chose was a photo that I took at my mother's garden. My mother passed on last August, but her flower garden - the flowers she loved the most - have held her legacy strong. Aren't they beautiful? Glad you chose this.

    Also, I've become quite fond of two friends through blogging, who are from the UK...not too far from you, I believe. You'll find them on my blog as Scriptor Senex and GB. GB no longer lives there but travels...these two are amazingly sweet, fun and very good friends to me.

    Okay...I'm through with all of my rambling :)

    Visiting you has blessed me this morning. Thank you and your page looks very nice.

    ♥ Heather


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