Monday, 13 July 2009

A good weekend!! (pulled finger out in other words)

My weekend was productive, I have finally starting making things to sell.

These are my scarves.......Jose was watching TV when I wanted to take a photo to put on etsy or what ever it is called

Then when I managed to grab her, it makes you realise just how much older you are then your children. They have no lines, bags under the eyes. Their skin is fresh and soft. Just so lovely.

It started out life as a camera case, didn't felt as well as I had hoped, but I kind of like it better like this

I spun the darker wool myself, and plied it together. I was like a child so so excited with something they made. at school Jose, bless her, tried to sound enthusiastic, Jasper just grunted. Jose said to him that at least she had tried to sound keen. his answer was if he did then she'll keep doing it!! (Mind you Jose did say to my Mum that if she didn't encourage me I wouldn't rebel and this way I might grow out of it!! - I hope that she was joking!!!!!!)
I felted then slightly. Experimenting

Wonder what Jasper will think when he comes home from school tomorrow and finds a spinning wheel has come to live at Poppy Cottage!!

I am getting the hang of making sausages. (don't look too close. It is rustic yarn. Bits and all. I am one of life's impatient people. I have watched on youtube how I should do it. If I followed some of the ways I would still be picking through it!)

Now, i bet you thought my poly tunnel was to grow things in didn't you. Nope, drying fleece!!

This is Jacob wool from a friend in Wales. I just love the colours.

OK, there are some things in there growing.

This is the veg patch. it will have a change around next year. I WILL NOT be growing cabbages again. No correction. Actually my caterpillar farm is doing really well.

Marmalade has discovered it is much nice to use the under cover loo then getting wet. Next year I will work out how to make the poly tunnel cat poo proof!!
Bumper crop of apples
OK. SO who taught Lily to sit at the table? I tell you she is NOT a dog!!

And, this, (sorry not in focus) is to wish Diane and her arm better. Couldn't have made the heart shape if I had tried.

I look around my little cottage, I know I am so so lucky. I have wonderful friends. Am lucky with the J's (they could be these going out all the time drinking, smoking and whatever else - they are not - Phew!!) But I worry that I will get so used to being on my own I will end up staying that way. Actually worry isn't the word. More like look forward in a worrying happy sort of way. I know some people think I am mad, but for me I see it like this. I can leave the washing up, I can have all my craft stuff strewn all over the house. I can sleep with my dog (yep!! I hear some of you say yuck!! - but I did say she doesn't think she is a dog) and there is no one to grumble, (apart from the J's but then again I have stopped listening to them. I am smiling as I type this as even if I leave the washing up the washing up / housework fairy never comes!!.
And, worst of all, I am sat here, typing this and listening to Kate Rusby's Christmas Album, Sweet Bells and no one thinks that I am mad!!
I already know that I am. And that, as they say is all that matters!!


  1. Thanks for the heart. Kate Rusby is a Barnsley girl - like me!! I love the scarf. I know what you mean about wrinkles etc. I dont even recognise myself in the mirror - I have a totally different face! (and I dont like it!!)xxxxx

  2. Ah...caterpillars and cat poo versus veg patch...I'm familiar with that one!! Rebecca x

  3. You are so very talented. These are great!

  4. there's nothing wrong with being mad!!! i find it helps a lot!



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