Saturday, 11 July 2009

Following the link from Lyn

Thank you Lyn I followed your link and look what I made!!!!! Must do one for Jasper now.

Do you know what Lily was doing whilst I was playing on the computer? Climbing up on the chair to reach the knitting needles I was using last night, you now the sort, nice wooden ones!

I have knitted a pair of wrist warmers with the ball of wool I spun during the week on a friends wheel. They still smell very sheepy so i am going to wash then and take a photo (but the above sleeping beauty has my camera so until she wakes up I can't take the photo.

Have a nice Sunday. I will post the hexagons to Diane in the morning. So glad they will go to someone who can make use of them.



  1. Oh is good isn't it? it's addictive too I just made some more!!!

  2. oh colette, how cool is that ,must give it a go!


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