Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Finished at last!!!!!!

Ages ago I started this........ I really liked the bags on here

Well at long last, after doing lots of other bits in between, I finished mine last night.
Put it in on a 40 (this time I did just what it said!! 1 bag to be felted, one towel, well Josie's PE kit) In the past when I have been felting stuff I tend to put it in with everything else I am washing. Lesson learnt, it doesn't get to move around enough that way.

It had felted a bit but not really very much at all, so....gulp........stuck it on a 60!!

Came down this morning and was really really chuffed with it. In fact so so chuffed I am going to make more for my sisters for Christmas.
I am also learning to spin, how utterly amazing would it be to spin the wool to make them.
Oh well of to work, I will tell you about the job interview from hell soon. I knew straight away I wasn't in with a chance when the first thing she said to me as I sat down was, "you seem every so young"!!!!!!!
Ha Ha!!!! My children wouldn't agree, Mum's 36 and is SOOOOOO old!
So I have just got to say thank you Lyn for the loan of everything (and for being so patient) and to Doodleallysally for letting me use you pattern. I love it and it is so easy and enjoyable to knit.
Have a good day.


  1. oooh, it looks good!

    And it's all felted in the same strange bigger bits or anything!!

    Get knitting........
    Nicki x

  2. No one will ever tell me I look young in an interview ever again. Take it as a compliment and be glad you are not 50 this year!! PS package on its way to you.xx

  3. Hi, Yes you may blog as long as you dont land me in prison! Or if you do, you must visit with a file in a cake!


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