Friday, 10 July 2009

Another rambling post

Good morning. There are 100 things I should be doing instead of this.

But I have a question.

How many of us have heads full of crafty ideas, houses full of the stuff to make them, but, and this is a big but, not enough time to do so or do not have the confidence to do it, market it etc etc?

A bit about me.........

As you know I have two children, Jose, fifteen and a half and Jasper nearly 14. I am on my own so money is tight. I am hopeless at paperwork, being organised and seem to have lost the house work mojo (or what ever!!). But inside my head I have so so many ideas, so many things I want to make, I CAN MAKE!!! and sell, if only I pull my finger out.

I had an interview this week for a job I didn't really want. I used the interview as a learning curve. I think I have only had one proper interview. Lets just say this one started with the 'plum in her mouth' lady saying I was very young. (I knew from that second I wasn't what they were looking for), she asked lots of questions I really don't think were relevant to the job I had applied for, eg. about my marriage (s) ((Whoops!! did I ever mention I got married to my very first boyfriend at the tender age of 18?? - a week later everything went pear shaped, very long and complicated story)) She ended the interview with this question (forgive me but what business is it of hers anyway) "Do you have a partner". My reply was no i have a dog. A friend said I should have said ... yes and she is very supportive, kind of wish I had now!!

I guess what I am trying to say is it made me realise how un-confident I am. I knew what I wanted to say. I knew all the answers but I couldn't seem to say what I wanted to.

So what do I want to do? Erm... Not really sure. Care sector appeals slightly. Also I would be able to take that where ever I go, what ever I do in life.

What ever I do I have a house to run, bills to pay. You know the boring bit of life.

So do I just stay put in the job I have (but I think things are going to change, not really for the better) or do I take control of my life, etc etc. See if I had a diary I would write this in that, ask myself questions and still not come up with the answers.

So for now I am going to make some of the stuff that is floating around in my head. Actually use the etsy Shop and the folksy shop I have.

I am going to go through some of this paper work and shred LOADS and compost it. I am going to put all the washing away. Get shot of stuff I do not use, will never use, never wear.

So Would anyone like a bag full of hexagons, all on cards (you know the patchwork ones) some sewn together. I was given them and it would be a shame for them just to sit here. Let me know. I will post a photo of them later. In return all I ask for is the value of the stamps back. I have some craft books too.

So I will sort out and post some photos later.


  1. sounds like a crap interviewer to me and i dont think she actually has the right to ask such personal questions!!!!
    I know what you mean about the head full of ideas - i would love to earn a living making all the things i want to make, but time and life sort of get in the way!!! one day.....!
    sometimes you have to take a deep breath and just pretend you are more confident than you feel - just think any employer would be lucky to have you!!! Hark at me, am good at advising others, not so good at telling myself these things!!!


  2. I'd love the hexagons!! I love sewing them all together, itd the sewing onto card I cant stand!! I'd glaly pay the postage!! As a person who has interviewed in the past, I am sure she is not allowed to ask aboout your marital status unless it is a requirement of the job that you have a partner - you might like to "scare" her with that if you dont get it. I had a major major crisis of confidence 6 years ago, and only feel now like I am anywhere near as confident as I ought to be - getting to 50 is knocking me back down the lader a bit though. Take things a step at a time and celebrate any achievement - no matter how minor!! Sending you a big hug.

  3. I am so lucky working in a school as I get school holidays but even then I find it hard to do things for 'me' I catch up with friends and the housework really!
    It sounds like you are making positive decisions anyway and throwing, de-cluttering etc. I hope you do get round to your creativity making you some money, I understand though that things are tough in the 'job seeking world' at the moment. Chin up and hope something good comes along for you soon-
    PS just re-read this and im rambling too!

  4. Hello, I've just found you via Lyn's blog! That's outrageous...I thought those kinds of interview questions went out with the 90s!! I know from experience that the whole process of applying and being interviewed for jobs can be completely soul destroying - a recruitment consultant made me feel that I was completely unemployable! De-cluttering and making things always makes me feel better...hang in there! Rebecca x

  5. I would love the hexagons and will gladly pay the postage and send you some American Fabric. Thanks!


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