Thursday, 30 July 2009

My front garden.....

Has been taken over!!!

This is the hen that I borrowed from My Mum. And these are her chicks. And this is what has been wasting my time lately. Nice way to waste time I think you will agree. 21 days of waiting!!
11new chicks at Poppy Cottage.

They are amazing.

Lily seems to be really calm around this hen. Hopefully this will be a good (and fun) way to get her used to hens. I am keeping 3 or 4 of the chickens. They are mostly bantams so finger crossed there will be plenty of hens. Mum is going to have a few as well.

The hen seems to be happy for Lily to watch. At first she was a bit clucky but now fine. Lily has to be 100% with them as I want to have them free range. Daz was always amazing with hens, sheep, well anything really. I need to train Lily that as well.

Now Marmalade, that is another matter. Hen has accepted him watching but I can't help but think that he licks his lips whilst watching the chicks. So I sit with him and chick watch.

I know I am biased but I do think she is so pretty.

Sometimes if Marmalade could speak he would say "I want to be alone!"

The pink rose by my front door. I think I shall make a hole in the concrete so that the rose can get it's roots down in the ground. It has suffered being in a tub in my south facing garden.

My thinking with the chickens is to tackle the pest problem. Also I can move them from the front to the back. I miss chickens from when I used to live on the small holding. It will be so nice to have fresh eggs again, even if they are mini ones!!
The spinning has been going really well and I am collecting skeins to set the twist!! My yarn is getting thinner and much more even. I love the colour of the Jacob fleece.
On Thursdays from September I am volunteering on Thursday afternoons to teach Art & Craft at a day centre for Adults with disabilities. I am not sure how it will fit in with work but, tough actually. I think it will so so rewarding. I start on the 3rd of September and we are making felt flowers. So I have been around the Charity shops and asking if they have old wool jumpers that I can felt so that I can have LOADS of stuff for every one to make, play and just have fun with.
Any other suggestions of things that are simple, fun and make-able in an afternoon gratefully received!!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Whoops!! Up til 2 .....

Making these.....On this. Poppy Cottage's new baby.Can't blog much as I have fleece that is calling to be carded.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Start of the Summer holidays. Jose starts her new job at 9am.

Colette x

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Fancy a holiday in Wales?


This is where my Jacob fleece came from. It is an amazing place to stay. Affordable, peaceful, family friendly. It is a working small holding and with lots of animals for children to see, and gardens for relaxing in. Maybe an alternative to going abroad? Still has space over the holidays.
My very special friend has lost her dog. He has disappeared. I have been out searching for him in the pouring rain tonight. You just feel so helpless.
It is the not knowing. He has been missing for 24 hrs. They live in a chocolate box cottage up a tiny track. Only snag is motor bikes now use the track to race. They came up and stopped, then before she got outside, drove off. Then the dog, Walter, was nowhere to be seen.
All I can do is keep my fingers crossed

Monday, 13 July 2009

A good weekend!! (pulled finger out in other words)

My weekend was productive, I have finally starting making things to sell.

These are my scarves.......Jose was watching TV when I wanted to take a photo to put on etsy or what ever it is called

Then when I managed to grab her, it makes you realise just how much older you are then your children. They have no lines, bags under the eyes. Their skin is fresh and soft. Just so lovely.

It started out life as a camera case, didn't felt as well as I had hoped, but I kind of like it better like this

I spun the darker wool myself, and plied it together. I was like a child so so excited with something they made. at school Jose, bless her, tried to sound enthusiastic, Jasper just grunted. Jose said to him that at least she had tried to sound keen. his answer was if he did then she'll keep doing it!! (Mind you Jose did say to my Mum that if she didn't encourage me I wouldn't rebel and this way I might grow out of it!! - I hope that she was joking!!!!!!)
I felted then slightly. Experimenting

Wonder what Jasper will think when he comes home from school tomorrow and finds a spinning wheel has come to live at Poppy Cottage!!

I am getting the hang of making sausages. (don't look too close. It is rustic yarn. Bits and all. I am one of life's impatient people. I have watched on youtube how I should do it. If I followed some of the ways I would still be picking through it!)

Now, i bet you thought my poly tunnel was to grow things in didn't you. Nope, drying fleece!!

This is Jacob wool from a friend in Wales. I just love the colours.

OK, there are some things in there growing.

This is the veg patch. it will have a change around next year. I WILL NOT be growing cabbages again. No correction. Actually my caterpillar farm is doing really well.

Marmalade has discovered it is much nice to use the under cover loo then getting wet. Next year I will work out how to make the poly tunnel cat poo proof!!
Bumper crop of apples
OK. SO who taught Lily to sit at the table? I tell you she is NOT a dog!!

And, this, (sorry not in focus) is to wish Diane and her arm better. Couldn't have made the heart shape if I had tried.

I look around my little cottage, I know I am so so lucky. I have wonderful friends. Am lucky with the J's (they could be these going out all the time drinking, smoking and whatever else - they are not - Phew!!) But I worry that I will get so used to being on my own I will end up staying that way. Actually worry isn't the word. More like look forward in a worrying happy sort of way. I know some people think I am mad, but for me I see it like this. I can leave the washing up, I can have all my craft stuff strewn all over the house. I can sleep with my dog (yep!! I hear some of you say yuck!! - but I did say she doesn't think she is a dog) and there is no one to grumble, (apart from the J's but then again I have stopped listening to them. I am smiling as I type this as even if I leave the washing up the washing up / housework fairy never comes!!.
And, worst of all, I am sat here, typing this and listening to Kate Rusby's Christmas Album, Sweet Bells and no one thinks that I am mad!!
I already know that I am. And that, as they say is all that matters!!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Following the link from Lyn

Thank you Lyn I followed your link and look what I made!!!!! Must do one for Jasper now.

Do you know what Lily was doing whilst I was playing on the computer? Climbing up on the chair to reach the knitting needles I was using last night, you now the sort, nice wooden ones!

I have knitted a pair of wrist warmers with the ball of wool I spun during the week on a friends wheel. They still smell very sheepy so i am going to wash then and take a photo (but the above sleeping beauty has my camera so until she wakes up I can't take the photo.

Have a nice Sunday. I will post the hexagons to Diane in the morning. So glad they will go to someone who can make use of them.


Friday, 10 July 2009

Another rambling post

Good morning. There are 100 things I should be doing instead of this.

But I have a question.

How many of us have heads full of crafty ideas, houses full of the stuff to make them, but, and this is a big but, not enough time to do so or do not have the confidence to do it, market it etc etc?

A bit about me.........

As you know I have two children, Jose, fifteen and a half and Jasper nearly 14. I am on my own so money is tight. I am hopeless at paperwork, being organised and seem to have lost the house work mojo (or what ever!!). But inside my head I have so so many ideas, so many things I want to make, I CAN MAKE!!! and sell, if only I pull my finger out.

I had an interview this week for a job I didn't really want. I used the interview as a learning curve. I think I have only had one proper interview. Lets just say this one started with the 'plum in her mouth' lady saying I was very young. (I knew from that second I wasn't what they were looking for), she asked lots of questions I really don't think were relevant to the job I had applied for, eg. about my marriage (s) ((Whoops!! did I ever mention I got married to my very first boyfriend at the tender age of 18?? - a week later everything went pear shaped, very long and complicated story)) She ended the interview with this question (forgive me but what business is it of hers anyway) "Do you have a partner". My reply was no i have a dog. A friend said I should have said ... yes and she is very supportive, kind of wish I had now!!

I guess what I am trying to say is it made me realise how un-confident I am. I knew what I wanted to say. I knew all the answers but I couldn't seem to say what I wanted to.

So what do I want to do? Erm... Not really sure. Care sector appeals slightly. Also I would be able to take that where ever I go, what ever I do in life.

What ever I do I have a house to run, bills to pay. You know the boring bit of life.

So do I just stay put in the job I have (but I think things are going to change, not really for the better) or do I take control of my life, etc etc. See if I had a diary I would write this in that, ask myself questions and still not come up with the answers.

So for now I am going to make some of the stuff that is floating around in my head. Actually use the etsy Shop and the folksy shop I have.

I am going to go through some of this paper work and shred LOADS and compost it. I am going to put all the washing away. Get shot of stuff I do not use, will never use, never wear.

So Would anyone like a bag full of hexagons, all on cards (you know the patchwork ones) some sewn together. I was given them and it would be a shame for them just to sit here. Let me know. I will post a photo of them later. In return all I ask for is the value of the stamps back. I have some craft books too.

So I will sort out and post some photos later.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Finished at last!!!!!!

Ages ago I started this........ I really liked the bags on here

Well at long last, after doing lots of other bits in between, I finished mine last night.
Put it in on a 40 (this time I did just what it said!! 1 bag to be felted, one towel, well Josie's PE kit) In the past when I have been felting stuff I tend to put it in with everything else I am washing. Lesson learnt, it doesn't get to move around enough that way.

It had felted a bit but not really very much at all, so....gulp........stuck it on a 60!!

Came down this morning and was really really chuffed with it. In fact so so chuffed I am going to make more for my sisters for Christmas.
I am also learning to spin, how utterly amazing would it be to spin the wool to make them.
Oh well of to work, I will tell you about the job interview from hell soon. I knew straight away I wasn't in with a chance when the first thing she said to me as I sat down was, "you seem every so young"!!!!!!!
Ha Ha!!!! My children wouldn't agree, Mum's 36 and is SOOOOOO old!
So I have just got to say thank you Lyn for the loan of everything (and for being so patient) and to Doodleallysally for letting me use you pattern. I love it and it is so easy and enjoyable to knit.
Have a good day.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


If I can do it anyone can. Have a look at this blog There are some really lovely backgrounds and the instructions are so simple to follow.

See you later.


Friday, 3 July 2009

Phew!! She loved it!!!!! (I think)

Well. Did it!! (don't go much on this sewing things together bit though!) Jose and I had to be at Mum & Dad's for 8pm (Jose cooked supper at home then we took it up there) at 8.05 I was sewing buttons on it. But I think I have to say it was worth it.
Still not sure......

Yep, OK, at least she didn't hate the colour!

Tell me, is this a compliment? Mum thought it was machine knitted.

"Are you really sure it isn't machine knitted?"

All I can say is I am so glad my Mum is not my height and size, I knitted the first size as it was the easiest to understand on the pattern.
Mum and both my sisters are slight, you know size 10 / 12, about 5'5" lovely size 5/6 feet. You know, the 'can walk into a shop and find something to fit and as for shoes, no problem' Me 5'9", 16 on a good day, size 8 shoes (sometimes 9 would be better). I guess that's from my bio Dad. Tracie my sister always says that I had the good skin and hair and they had the 'idea' body size. I know what I would rather be. (I like wearing hats and who cares about skin, it only keeps your inside in. I'd love to not feel or be the biggest in all photos. - Never mind, as I have got older it doesn't seem to matter anymore).

OK, I think she did like it. It made it all so worth while (mind you I did write in the card that she had to open first "I hope you like it, if you don't please lie and just wear it in the garden. Brings to life the words every stitch is stitched with love!!")
Looking back through the photo's I took I noticed that my Dad is always smiling. Even when we were eating (Attic 24 Sweet and Sour - Thank you Lucy)
Made totally by Josie, Dad seems to always smile.
Mum always calls in to see me on Tuesday evenings after her Pantomime Players Rehearsals. I love it, It might sound daft but it is and hour that is just Mum and Me. And guess what she was wearing!!!!! Yep. Guessed it. So I take it she liked it. Phew!!
The Birthday Girl!!

This is Mum and Dads garden. They live next door to my Grandad. The cottage next door came up for auction about 4 years ago. I think that it was the most nerve wracking time for my parents. That was the only place that Mum would leave our family home for. It was just so important that they were successful in buying it. Cut a long story short. They got it!! It means that Mum doesn't have to drive 5 miles every day to see my Grandad (he is on his own since loosing my Nan). It also means that my Grandad can stay in his cottage for as long as he wants to, you know once he finds things difficult (although at 85 he is fiercely independent, can cook and looks after himself VERY well, not so sure about the cleaning or washing up bit, but hey!! his cleaner now lives next door!!!! ;0)

This is the view from the end of their cottage, uninterrupted across the fields.

And from the front. (the back is the same but full of cows)

This used to look like this.....

And this......

Was this!!!

What happened????????
And these.....

Now wouldn't be in a photo together even if you paid them!!
Jose has been going through old photos and putting them on to her Face book thing.
Where has the time gone? I am sure that I am not alone in thinking that. I used to know this little boy who wore nothing but a t-shirt and red wellies. Not I have a 13 year old who is about to go off for a week on Cadet Camp. Who is dressed all in combat clothes and looks a dashing young man (although Jose and I did laugh as he got his hair cut yesterday as he had been told that if it isn't short enough they shave it for you when you get to camp!!) His rucksack is so large that he could almost fit in it. He packed it himself with military precision. A career in the army would suit him to the tee but, and I know we have no control over what the choose to do in life, but as his Mum I keep my fingers crossed he doesn't choose that path in life. I can't imagine the worry that must be there for parents when their 'babies' go and serve in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Any how. He is only 13, 14 in September (OK I admit, I did have to check with Jose that he was going to be 14 not 13, I was counting back and just couldn't for the life of me believe that 14 years have flown by so fast. Pretty rubbish Mum huh!!
And Jose...... She want to go into Make up and Fashion. She would be so good at that. Fingers crossed that whatever my children do in life, they are happy and healthy. That is all I ask.
Boy what a rambling post.
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