Thursday, 4 June 2009


Hello. Things have been a bit busy at Poppy Cottage. Can't complain though. Work is MANIC!! The recession has affected Game keepers and the like.

Jose went to the London Clothes Show with her cousin Georgina and the had an amazing time, cam home with LOADS of freebies. Lovely photo's and more lovely memories. The high light was seeing Jordan (Katie Price) and this lady (who I have no idea who it is but she is on telly!!)

The high light of my week, well year has to be this!!!!!!!!!!!

My very own poly tunnel. Living where I do i never thought I would have one again. But I have turned my 150 ft back garden into half nice then half a veg patch (sort of allotment)

And with amazing friends, helpful neighbour and Mum, Dad and Jasper I have a fantastic poly tunnel. I am so excited. All I need is another couple of hours in the day and a couple of child free-stay-at-home days.
Couldn't wait. This is the first plant in the P.T. Grown by my Grandad. (I did finish his coverall, more about that next time)

Rob and Ashley, who without there help so much in P.C. wouldn't get done. I am very very lucky. I may be skint but I am so rich in friends.

I love it when my Dad just checks if everything is OK.

Mum and Dad off home after helping me

Everyone going home :-(
From this .......

To this! Would love to know what you think. Have a knitted waistcoat to finish before the 27Th (my mums Birthday) Hope you all have a really happy weekend.
Nun night x

Things have been


  1. Lucky you ... I'm just trying to get a polytunnel but on a tight budget at the moment. Sure one will turn up soon. Happy growing!

  2. That looks really fantastic. How brilliant. You are really lucky to have such an army of willing volunteers. xx

  3. Oh her? That is Nicky Hambeldon-HopstepBand. Or something ;-)

    I have a poly tunnel in my garden too - I must blog it sometime so you can see.

  4. how great to have such help - tunnel looks good - can't wait to see what you are going to plant - my veg garden just about getting going although it does need a bit of rain!


  5. I am expecting BIG things from your poly tunnel! mmmmm fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and maybe even peppers?
    Glad the bag is coming along by the way.

  6. Oh Colette, that's wonderful! You are so very lucky to have such lovely friends and such lovely sweet parents, as well as lovely children and cats and a lovely Lily. It is indeed exciting to have a polytunnel in your garden :o) The photos are great! Hope you are enjoying the tunnel this weekend x


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