Friday, 5 June 2009

Something lovely happened today...

Jose had her first day of Work Experience (which she loved thank you Tania) and when we came back home I made us a cup of tea (Jose) and coffee (me). We sat at the table and chatted about various things, about her day (that was nice) and other stuff like school, what she might like to do in life etc etc. I was knitting Mums waistcoat and she just picked up the bag I am knitting (courtesy of and just knitted a round.
I know it sounds silly but it meant such a lot to me.


  1. That's lovely .... my girls just think it's boring! Have a good weekend.

  2. that soo nice - my daughter did have a go at a scarf once, but guess who had to finish it!!


  3. That is really sweet, Jose is such a beautiful girl inside and out :o)
    I have hardly had anytime to blog lately, my nan and dad are both unwell and I have been super busy. I've been missing my bloggy frends and you are definitely one of the people I miss the most.
    Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend

  4. Oh good god Mother!!!
    I can't believe you actually put one of those bloody photo's up!!
    If I had known you'd been serious then I would made stopped pulling faces!!
    You are nasty to me!!!
    Love you xxxx

  5. I think thats so lovely! Hope I have those Mum-Daughter moments when my little one gets older :)

    Julia xxx

  6. I love the comment from your daughter!!!! SHe sounds just like mine!! xxxx

  7. Hello, thanks for visiting the on-line exhibition and leaving a comment - I've been busy crocheting away so haven't had much time to catch up on all my blog reading..until now. Lovely post,and yes it's great when those traditional crafts are passed onto another generation..I love it ! I can't wait until my little ones are old enough to master them and just pick up my work too ! Take Care:)


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