Thursday, 11 June 2009

An interesting week.

This week has been interesting, bit good, bit not so good but that normal at the moment.

Tuesday was Knit & Natter in one of the local pubs. We must be on our 5th or 6th meeting (time just seems to fly by at the moment). We were featured in the local paper & the free local paper a couple of weeks ago. That was nice as it brought in some new people.

There was one lady there who came along for the first time. You know when you meet someone and you just feel so comfortable in their company. Well I think that is how we all felt when we met Jenny. So bubbly and happy, funny as hell as well. AND she spins!!! Look at this.......

I swapped a bit of home spun (she has yet to come and root through my stash) it is so lovely, still smells of sheep. And knits so lovely as well. I am experimenting. Wrist warmers first. She is happy to teach me to spin!
(OK, no Lily hasn't taken up knitting!!)
What do you think? It only used up a very small amount of wool (I mean a really small bit!!)

Next I am going to knit a camera case then felt it, just to see how it turns out. Adding some needle felted flowers. Well that is the plan any way.

This is Daz's daughter Smudge. My ex was off sailing again so I had custody of Smudge. It is lovely and she is the most lovely dog. She has so much of her Mum in her.
I was awake at 5 on Sunday (I don't sleep very well) I have never been one for staying in bed. If I am awake I just have to get up. It's nicer that way you get a bit more of the day if you get up early.
I decided to walk down to West Bay with the dogs. Got there at just after six. Actually remembered the camera this time.
So no more words, just pictures.


  1. what lovely pics - i love your wrist warmer too! i used to spin a few years ago, its very therapeutic and quite addictive!

  2. oh wow! lovely wrist warmers. I love the pics of the dog looking over the wall :) x x

  3. Love the wrist warmers. West Bay looks gorgeous and so do the dogs.xxxx

  4. Thank you so much for the Dylon tip - I hadn't heard of it (must get out more!)but it sounds just the job. A lovely American lady is sending me some stuff called Rit, which is similar stuff, so if that doesn't work I will hunt out the Dylon and attack from two angles.
    However, I am so pleased to have found your lovely blog! All kinds of good things are coming out of my washing mishaps. :)

  5. I love those wrist warmers, they are so pretty. Is it your own design or a pattern? West Bay loos lovely, nothing like going down to the seafront early and having it to yourself. And I'm sure that Lily is considering taking up knitting, she looks very thoughtful as she lies there{:)

  6. Hello Colette,
    Hope you are well? I have awarded you an award, please pick it up from my blog and pass it on to someone else.


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