Friday, 26 June 2009

288 stitches.

That is how many stitches I have just picked up in my bid to finish my Mum's waistcoat before her birthday tomorrow. I was doing so well. But then I woke on Wednesday, very hot, then cold, and I ached all over. Every bit of me hurt. I felt giddy, tearful and just totally shattered. I thought I would be OK to go to work, turn into bed when I got home. But on the drive out to work I just felt worse. Back home, into bed, phone call to Mum and zonked out.

I couldn't even pick up my knitting or crochet AND I have gone off of coffee.

So now Friday evening (whoops!! nearly Saturday) 12 lbs lighter, still drinking tea (yuck!!) and desperately trying to finish Mums waistcoat. Why the rush? It is her Birthday tomorrow and I have this silly picture in my mind of the box I plan to put the waist coat in and the tissue paper I want to wrap it in. Daft I know but I haven't knitted an item of clothing for years. Yes bags, scarfs etc etc but not something like this. (I am just glad my Mum is only little as it meant I only had to knit the first size - well she doesn't have to do it up!!)

The good thing about giving a gift to my Mum is I can read her like a book. If she like something she says "Oh you shouldn't have spent your money on that" if she doesn't like something, you get this lovely 'false' smile and she says how much she likes it.

So I will wait and see................................

It brings a meaning to every stitch is filled with love!!
So I shall go and get on with that but On Tuesday evening I learnt how to spin (well the very basics). What do you think? I happen to be chuffed as nuts with my little ball of wool. I have been lent a drop spindle (I can't seem to get it started!!) but now have the hunger of finding a wheel to either buy or hire.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.



  1. Sorry to hear that you've been ill, do hope you are completely recovered now. I'm sure your mum will love the waistcoat simply because you made it - and 288 stitches to pick up! Makes me feel quite faint - I'm not all that skilled at picking up stitches and it's the thing I like least about knitting cardigans etc for my grandchildren.

  2. Sorry you have been ill, but a 12 lb weight loss would be very welcome at my house!! Especially if I had to be off work to get it!!I'm sure your mum will love her gift. The wool barn at the top of my road sells spinning equipement. The place is called Wingham Wool Works. If you google it, there is a price list on their website and they are very friendly if you give them a call - and they sell all types of specialist wools for spinning (its a real Aladdins Cave!) Lots of love, hope you get back onto coffee

  3. Hope you are feeling better and finish your mum's present. Have you thought of searching out your local Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild ? Very helpful and the lovely ladies in my guild have lent me allsorts over the past few months as well as all their can become very addictive !

  4. hope you are much better now and have managed to finish your mum's present, although in the circumstances i'm sure she won't mind a slight delay!!! spinning can be very addictive - if you are looking for a wheel sometimes in the back of smallholder mag you can find some - or there is a shop in Dorchester that supplies them - i think its Frank something - i bought mine from there a long time ago!

  5. hope you are feeling better, i had much the same thing a couple of weeks ago, although there was no weight loss at all unfortunatly!!

  6. Hi, Drop me an email and I will tell you how I made the Daisies. I darent post this as they are from The "Homemade with Love" book and I might be imprisoned for copyright!!! xxxx

  7. Hi, I just wanted to say hi as I'm over in East Dorset. ALways nice to meet a local crafter! I believe spinning can be addictive! x


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