Friday, 26 June 2009

288 stitches.

That is how many stitches I have just picked up in my bid to finish my Mum's waistcoat before her birthday tomorrow. I was doing so well. But then I woke on Wednesday, very hot, then cold, and I ached all over. Every bit of me hurt. I felt giddy, tearful and just totally shattered. I thought I would be OK to go to work, turn into bed when I got home. But on the drive out to work I just felt worse. Back home, into bed, phone call to Mum and zonked out.

I couldn't even pick up my knitting or crochet AND I have gone off of coffee.

So now Friday evening (whoops!! nearly Saturday) 12 lbs lighter, still drinking tea (yuck!!) and desperately trying to finish Mums waistcoat. Why the rush? It is her Birthday tomorrow and I have this silly picture in my mind of the box I plan to put the waist coat in and the tissue paper I want to wrap it in. Daft I know but I haven't knitted an item of clothing for years. Yes bags, scarfs etc etc but not something like this. (I am just glad my Mum is only little as it meant I only had to knit the first size - well she doesn't have to do it up!!)

The good thing about giving a gift to my Mum is I can read her like a book. If she like something she says "Oh you shouldn't have spent your money on that" if she doesn't like something, you get this lovely 'false' smile and she says how much she likes it.

So I will wait and see................................

It brings a meaning to every stitch is filled with love!!
So I shall go and get on with that but On Tuesday evening I learnt how to spin (well the very basics). What do you think? I happen to be chuffed as nuts with my little ball of wool. I have been lent a drop spindle (I can't seem to get it started!!) but now have the hunger of finding a wheel to either buy or hire.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Thursday, 11 June 2009

An interesting week.

This week has been interesting, bit good, bit not so good but that normal at the moment.

Tuesday was Knit & Natter in one of the local pubs. We must be on our 5th or 6th meeting (time just seems to fly by at the moment). We were featured in the local paper & the free local paper a couple of weeks ago. That was nice as it brought in some new people.

There was one lady there who came along for the first time. You know when you meet someone and you just feel so comfortable in their company. Well I think that is how we all felt when we met Jenny. So bubbly and happy, funny as hell as well. AND she spins!!! Look at this.......

I swapped a bit of home spun (she has yet to come and root through my stash) it is so lovely, still smells of sheep. And knits so lovely as well. I am experimenting. Wrist warmers first. She is happy to teach me to spin!
(OK, no Lily hasn't taken up knitting!!)
What do you think? It only used up a very small amount of wool (I mean a really small bit!!)

Next I am going to knit a camera case then felt it, just to see how it turns out. Adding some needle felted flowers. Well that is the plan any way.

This is Daz's daughter Smudge. My ex was off sailing again so I had custody of Smudge. It is lovely and she is the most lovely dog. She has so much of her Mum in her.
I was awake at 5 on Sunday (I don't sleep very well) I have never been one for staying in bed. If I am awake I just have to get up. It's nicer that way you get a bit more of the day if you get up early.
I decided to walk down to West Bay with the dogs. Got there at just after six. Actually remembered the camera this time.
So no more words, just pictures.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Something lovely happened today...

Jose had her first day of Work Experience (which she loved thank you Tania) and when we came back home I made us a cup of tea (Jose) and coffee (me). We sat at the table and chatted about various things, about her day (that was nice) and other stuff like school, what she might like to do in life etc etc. I was knitting Mums waistcoat and she just picked up the bag I am knitting (courtesy of and just knitted a round.
I know it sounds silly but it meant such a lot to me.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Hello. Things have been a bit busy at Poppy Cottage. Can't complain though. Work is MANIC!! The recession has affected Game keepers and the like.

Jose went to the London Clothes Show with her cousin Georgina and the had an amazing time, cam home with LOADS of freebies. Lovely photo's and more lovely memories. The high light was seeing Jordan (Katie Price) and this lady (who I have no idea who it is but she is on telly!!)

The high light of my week, well year has to be this!!!!!!!!!!!

My very own poly tunnel. Living where I do i never thought I would have one again. But I have turned my 150 ft back garden into half nice then half a veg patch (sort of allotment)

And with amazing friends, helpful neighbour and Mum, Dad and Jasper I have a fantastic poly tunnel. I am so excited. All I need is another couple of hours in the day and a couple of child free-stay-at-home days.
Couldn't wait. This is the first plant in the P.T. Grown by my Grandad. (I did finish his coverall, more about that next time)

Rob and Ashley, who without there help so much in P.C. wouldn't get done. I am very very lucky. I may be skint but I am so rich in friends.

I love it when my Dad just checks if everything is OK.

Mum and Dad off home after helping me

Everyone going home :-(
From this .......

To this! Would love to know what you think. Have a knitted waistcoat to finish before the 27Th (my mums Birthday) Hope you all have a really happy weekend.
Nun night x

Things have been
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