Thursday, 14 May 2009

I am now the proud owner of this!!!

A lovely wall hanging from Noelle at

I won her give away. It is so lovely and with fantastic hand made buttons too. Thank you Noelle. What has happened to the little boy who used to wander around in red wellys, a tee-shirt showing off a cute dimpled bum!! Now a strapping young man. Here he is at his Rugby presentation.

Poppy Cottage had a move around. The lounge turned into the dining room and the lounge is now the back room. I don't really seem to sit down and watch TV so it is better for me to have the table in the room that gets lots of sunshine. (Oh, and lots of fairy lights!!)

The garden is starting to look so colourful. I wish I could garden all day!

The patio (and Lily) the light that needs to be mended (thank you Lily!!) Must get the paint for the windows this weekend. (note for myself)

My veg plot, my back garden is 150 ft and I have my veg patch right up the end. It is a bit like an allotment, but on hand. I just meed a bit more time in every day, but who doesn't!

If you look really close you can see the cottage in the background, tis a long thin garden!

Rushing to make my parents an anniversary card, 32 years. I remember crying so much when they got married as My sister and I had to stay at my Nan's when they went on their honey moon. This man was taking my Mum away!! (well I was only four!)

I guess, some people would say (well HAVE said) he is my Step father. Not to me, to me he's my Dad. Lovely, supportive, kind, puts up with my Mum, I love her dearly but you know she is NEVER wrong!! He took on not only my mum, but also me and my sister. He has supported us through so much, when I am sure other people would have washed their hands of some one elses children. My sister became a single Mum 19 years ago, and I got married at the grand old age of 18 and it didn't last (the old story, we were far to young) a week later, Dad helped me get the cottage up together enough to sell. (hind sight is a wonderful thing, I should have kept the cottage on!!)
I learnt to drive in a split screen Moggie that Dad and I restored. My first motor Bike a TS50er, I saved up and brought all by myself when I was 16, paid my own insurance (as the last thing my parents wanted me to have was a bike) Dad sprayed the tank and we put new stickers, on it.

I think that any man who takes on someone else children, raises them as there own, loves them as much as any 'new home grown' children that then come along, are pretty special. well., I think my Dad is pretty special.


  1. Thank you colette i am glad you like it! Your dad sounds wonderful and again your garden looks great! x x

  2. What an adorable photo of your mum and dad. Congrats to them on the fine day of their anniversary.
    Lucky you too, always nice to be a winner!
    aneela x

  3. beautiful photos..I love your garden..

  4. Some people are angels on earth - your dad sounds like one of them. You are lucky to have him. I love love love your garden.x x x

  5. Thanks for looking in and leaving a comment
    I will keep my fingers crossed till you realise your dream of having your own little shop.
    I appreciated your comments about your dad
    I remarried with three of my own children and my wife had two of her own.
    I love her and the children equally. I have never liked nor used, for my own situation, the term step this or step that. I feel it is a pointless remark and is unnecessarily divisive

  6. what a lovely post! congrats to your mum and dad.

  7. Just popped in via Heart Shaped's blog ... you are so lucky to live in Bridport .... we stayed in Charmouth last Easter and popped into Bridport a couple of times .... I love that part of the country and was pleasantly surprised to find that my great grandparents came from there whilst I was researching the family tree ... perhaps that is why I am drawn to that neck of the woods. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Awww what a beautiful lovely post, congratulations to your Mum and Dad x

  9. Happy Anniversary to your mum and dad
    Such a lovely family story, nice to get to know a bit more about you.
    Congratulations to your yong man on his award.
    Congratulations also on winning Noelle's gorgeous giveaway.
    And thank you for sharing all the lovely garden pics. especially the one with the glamorous golden Lily :o)
    I think your change around looks fantastic too,
    You have been very busy.
    Hope you have a good week and we get some gardening weather for the bank holiday.
    Lots of love

  10. Hi colette, just popping in to say hi! hope you are all well at poppy cottageXX


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