Sunday, 3 May 2009


Hello. Well I failed BIG time!! I did manage to finish one thing, start...erm.... more then 2 things, get wool for another idea that is in my head.

This is another 2 Attic 24 bags. One for me (a dummy run with lining in. I want to make them for my sisters and a few friends for Christmas - groan , to be thinking about THAT already!!!!) The yarn/wool I am using is really nice. They sell it in the local Charity shop for £1.30 for 50g. It hooks really well and feels like a really good quality cotton. Sham it is in limited colours though. Take a look at

It knits to a DK and the smaller base is being worked with a 3mm hook and the other one is a 4mm. (This is the one that will need to be lined) The smaller one (My Mum's Birthday present - got til the end of June) It is lovely and tight. This will not 'need' to be lined but it might be if I can find the right fabric!!)

Two teenagers watching TV!!

It would be the answer to (some) of my creative clutter that seems to be spreading into every corner of my house. Jasper decided (well, I helped convince him) that he didn't need his wardrobe anymore. Look he's 13, why have a wardrobe when you can used the floor!!
I have plans for it. Two amazing friends (they never moan when they call in for a coffee on a Friday and I ask if they have time to just move something......) My Mum has learnt to not say anything when I do something she doesn't like. But instead of not saying a word, she just says "I'm not saying anything" so you know she hates it!! Watch this space!

I went to my first (and maybe my last - I'm skint) car boot sale today. I found one stall that had 4 balls of wool and another that had some lovely baskets. Seem to be collecting baskets at the moment. I would love to either teach myself or go on a basket making course and make myself a lovely basket.
And Jose now has A FEW new books. She reads on the 40 min bus journey to and from school. This should keep her going for a few weeks!

I am going to try an Attic 24 bag in this.

Marmalade helped me in the garden today

This is my patio. Have been finishing it off today. Well, sorting out the edges and plants.

The back of my cottage (I really must make the time to finish painting the windows!) Is is a bit tidier now.
And a few photo's of the lovely clematis (s) that I have growing out the back of Poppy Cottage.

Hope you have all had a lovely week x


  1. Happy Bank Holiday Monday!
    Isn't untidiness (although I'm not sure that's the right word) part of it's cottagey charm??
    And today my cupboard is shameful....have to do some sorting out....later!
    going to the may Fayre at the Millenium Green first....starts at 11.30. x

  2. am trying one of those bags myself - i think they are great! love the baskets - you can never, ever, have too many of them!!


  3. So much going on at yours
    The garden is looking pretty, I love the climbing plants.
    The wardrobe looks promising :o)
    The bags and the new wool for bags are looking great!
    I collect baskets too, one could say I am a basket case ;o)
    I'm just back to blogging after a busy bank holiday, have put my friend Harriet hen up for all to see
    Many thanks to you again for my lovely prezzie xx
    Hope you have a wonderful week x

  4. Hi Colettte
    Was wondering how it's all going for you, wether there have been any wardrobe developments? and looking at your lovely photographs again :o)Your Marmalade has got such a sweet little face =^.^=

  5. Hi Colette
    So glad to hear from you
    I've been missing you
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend too xx

  6. Hello
    Me again
    Hope all is well in Dorset
    and that this week brings you sunshine x
    Lots of love

  7. Still having problems posting - It keeps saying an error has occured - but on the off chance that this works, your photos are lovely. xxx

  8. Hi, missed popping in here. What lovely pics your garden is looking lovely,hope you are well Love Paula x


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