Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Constructive day

Cleo, my black cat who is 17 years, spends most of the day sound asleep. His back legs are not too good. It is so hard when they get older isn't it. Start of the Bank Holiday weekend. My poly tunnel arrived during the week (I am so excited) and what was really nice was Jasper helped me clear the place it was going and helped put it up. Without moaning. That meant so much to me.
This is a sort of before.....
Of course had the usual helper. Lily has to be where ever you are, it is funny how you can be weeding, putting stuff in the bucket and she will be there, head in the bucket, out comes the weeds. It is like having a mischievous toddler stuck to you like glue!!

Lily has started digging, in the lawn, the flower beds. The word no seems to loose its meaning. Not really helped by Jasper teaching her how to dig an even deeper hole!! Cheers Mate!!

It was really nice. my Mum, Dad and Rob came and helped as well. As I have got older I really like spending time with my parents. I feel I have become so much closer to my Mum over the last 3 or 4 years. I guess you reach a stage in your life when you stop rebelling, stop thinking that everything your parents say is rubbish and old fashioned. maybe it is when you yourself become a parent. I don't know, it is hard to explain.

Dad looks so much like his Mum, my Grandma, I think they had the same eyes. I wish I had spent so much more time with her when she was alive, but we all become so wrapped up in our own lives and families, why is it so hard to find the balance sometimes. Then when they are gone we are filled with 'if only's'.
I guess that is why it was so nice to see my Dad and Jasper working side by side. Grandfather and Grandson.

But then it turned out that there was a section missing and they had sent a double door instead of two single doors. It was such a shame but I know these things happen and there is nothing that can be done about it until Tuesday. We can put the plastic on in the evenings so hopefully, all being well, by next weekend I will have another place to hide away in!! Long story, but where I used to live I had a poly tunnel, and it was at a bit of a sad time of my life and I used to love nothing more then getting up really early, with MP3 player in my ears escaping to this other world under plastic, where I felt so happy. The buzz you would get from planting seeds and seeing them grow, I loved it. Turning into a bit of a hermit really.

Hope you all have a lovely sun filled Bank holiday.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I am now the proud owner of this!!!

A lovely wall hanging from Noelle at

I won her give away. It is so lovely and with fantastic hand made buttons too. Thank you Noelle. What has happened to the little boy who used to wander around in red wellys, a tee-shirt showing off a cute dimpled bum!! Now a strapping young man. Here he is at his Rugby presentation.

Poppy Cottage had a move around. The lounge turned into the dining room and the lounge is now the back room. I don't really seem to sit down and watch TV so it is better for me to have the table in the room that gets lots of sunshine. (Oh, and lots of fairy lights!!)

The garden is starting to look so colourful. I wish I could garden all day!

The patio (and Lily) the light that needs to be mended (thank you Lily!!) Must get the paint for the windows this weekend. (note for myself)

My veg plot, my back garden is 150 ft and I have my veg patch right up the end. It is a bit like an allotment, but on hand. I just meed a bit more time in every day, but who doesn't!

If you look really close you can see the cottage in the background, tis a long thin garden!

Rushing to make my parents an anniversary card, 32 years. I remember crying so much when they got married as My sister and I had to stay at my Nan's when they went on their honey moon. This man was taking my Mum away!! (well I was only four!)

I guess, some people would say (well HAVE said) he is my Step father. Not to me, to me he's my Dad. Lovely, supportive, kind, puts up with my Mum, I love her dearly but you know she is NEVER wrong!! He took on not only my mum, but also me and my sister. He has supported us through so much, when I am sure other people would have washed their hands of some one elses children. My sister became a single Mum 19 years ago, and I got married at the grand old age of 18 and it didn't last (the old story, we were far to young) a week later, Dad helped me get the cottage up together enough to sell. (hind sight is a wonderful thing, I should have kept the cottage on!!)
I learnt to drive in a split screen Moggie that Dad and I restored. My first motor Bike a TS50er, I saved up and brought all by myself when I was 16, paid my own insurance (as the last thing my parents wanted me to have was a bike) Dad sprayed the tank and we put new stickers, on it.

I think that any man who takes on someone else children, raises them as there own, loves them as much as any 'new home grown' children that then come along, are pretty special. well., I think my Dad is pretty special.

Sunday, 3 May 2009


Hello. Well I failed BIG time!! I did manage to finish one thing, start...erm.... more then 2 things, get wool for another idea that is in my head.

This is another 2 Attic 24 bags. One for me (a dummy run with lining in. I want to make them for my sisters and a few friends for Christmas - groan , to be thinking about THAT already!!!!) The yarn/wool I am using is really nice. They sell it in the local Charity shop for £1.30 for 50g. It hooks really well and feels like a really good quality cotton. Sham it is in limited colours though. Take a look at

It knits to a DK and the smaller base is being worked with a 3mm hook and the other one is a 4mm. (This is the one that will need to be lined) The smaller one (My Mum's Birthday present - got til the end of June) It is lovely and tight. This will not 'need' to be lined but it might be if I can find the right fabric!!)

Two teenagers watching TV!!

It would be the answer to (some) of my creative clutter that seems to be spreading into every corner of my house. Jasper decided (well, I helped convince him) that he didn't need his wardrobe anymore. Look he's 13, why have a wardrobe when you can used the floor!!
I have plans for it. Two amazing friends (they never moan when they call in for a coffee on a Friday and I ask if they have time to just move something......) My Mum has learnt to not say anything when I do something she doesn't like. But instead of not saying a word, she just says "I'm not saying anything" so you know she hates it!! Watch this space!

I went to my first (and maybe my last - I'm skint) car boot sale today. I found one stall that had 4 balls of wool and another that had some lovely baskets. Seem to be collecting baskets at the moment. I would love to either teach myself or go on a basket making course and make myself a lovely basket.
And Jose now has A FEW new books. She reads on the 40 min bus journey to and from school. This should keep her going for a few weeks!

I am going to try an Attic 24 bag in this.

Marmalade helped me in the garden today

This is my patio. Have been finishing it off today. Well, sorting out the edges and plants.

The back of my cottage (I really must make the time to finish painting the windows!) Is is a bit tidier now.
And a few photo's of the lovely clematis (s) that I have growing out the back of Poppy Cottage.

Hope you have all had a lovely week x
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