Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Chatting with a friend the other day over a cuppa the conversation came around to life in general (it always seem to) She said a friend had asked her what did she want out of a relationship. The good bits was her answer. It got me thinking about my life, my hopes, dreams, what I want out of life (not a relationship – that toooooo complicated for my overloaded brain to think about at this moment in my life - friends are certainly far more important)

In fact I have though about it non-stop.

I want to read more, I want to be able to organise my time better. To do the housework in say one hit and that would leave the evenings for ‘me’ (The J’s seem to go to bed later and later) I would love to be solvent, not to worry about money all the time, to be able to think I like that, I work hard, I’ll get it rather then how it is at the moment, just look at it and think one day.....
I’d like to remember to put hand cream on, I’ll never have lady like hands but for them not to feel (and look) like sand paper would be good.
I’d like to be brave enough to change jobs, I LOVE to be a dog warden, or to work outside. To work on a small holding. A plant nursery, or heaven - a wool shop. To wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work. Is that too much to want?
I’d like to wear a skirt, not all the time but every now and then, rather then say twice a year. (I have two but I only do them with boots)
I’d like to ‘not’ cross the road to avoid having to hold a conversation with someone I know. I think there is a proper word for the hermit-reclusive tendencies I have at the moment – and no it isn’t shy!!

I’d like to stop keeping things in case they come in useful. Boy!! My house would be empty!

I’d like to live in a wooden cabin, in a bit of land, near the sea in Cornwall. I’d like no phone, internet when I choose, no TV, one big room downstairs - kitchen / snug / dining room with Rayburn again. I’d like my bedroom in the loft with windows that I can look out at the night sky. I’d like to grow what I eat, I’d like to listen to more music (bit of a Show of Hands fan) I’d like hens around me again ( I do miss living on a small holding) I’d love a poly tunnel. I love this kitchen in a country living book.
Enough of this waffle!!
My Attic 24 bag is coming on a treat, the other bag felted VERY well (tip, if you are going to machine felt Noro, start on a 30 wash!!)


  1. ha ha ha! I recognise that's one I've been thinking about too.
    And you weren't's one of the joys of blog reading....being able to share people's thoughts about something!

    All your wants sound mush more sensible than mine....I want some of yours too!

    the bag (though smaller than I expected....) looks lovely....I do love those colours!
    Nicki x

  2. We have some similar 'wants' you and I. I am sure you can achieve some of your 'wants' given time and organisation but if we all got our 'wants' would we be 'wanting' something else?
    Anyway, I love your little bag, Have you tried Sal's bag pattern yet? I have some circular needles if you want to borrow them?

  3. I can relate to that too, it's how many of us feel isn't it. If you could change one thing which one would it be?! I wore a dress yesterday for the first time this year (i always wear jeans!) and I felt good! Small steps and we get there in the end, ey?! Love Salx ps: What's a dog warden by the way?!

  4. Oh I love all your 'wants'especially the wool shop one I will come and work with you there:0) its funny as one of my wants is to live in Dorset I sooo love it there I have poached so many Dorset beach stones for my front garden lol as I just had to bring a little bit of Dorset home with me.x Love your felted bag and your growing crochet one (although crochet is a sore point with me at the moment, im not even talking to my crochet needles me and them have fallen right out! :0/)

  5. hello!

    I just found your blog and Im so pleased that I did - I really enjoyed your post, and giggled out loud as I could relate to most of what you wrote myself!!

    I love your crochet bag by the way, Im planning to do one of these for myself (once I finish Lucy's ripple cushion pattern!)

    Lovely to have found you,

    Sending sunshine and love
    Julia xxx

  6. Your ideal life is so similar to mine (to my ideal one that is, not my real one). Some of the other ladies are the same, perhaps we should think about a craft commune.
    You are a lovely sensitive, creative person and such people often need a bit of hermitage. Blogging is good because you can be sociable at your own pace.
    Your bag is very lovely ~ a work of art ~ I love the landscapey colours. The crochet is coming along lovely too, will be great when it's finished.

  7. p.s.
    Lily looks lovely too curled up with that gorgeous blanket.

  8. Ditto! I can relate to all of your wants. lol. Do you think you could waffle again please, I really enjoyed it :)

  9. What a lovely honest, heartfelt post. Love your crochet bag! Lucy x

  10. Hello Colette, I enjoyed reading your lovely list of wants. I think we are all so busy, we forget to sit down and think what it is we actually want in this life. Knowing that is the first step towards getting it. have a lovely weekend Bertie x


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