Saturday, 4 April 2009

Thank you

I have been so amazed by all the lovely messages about Daz. Thank you. Yes I have been very lucky. I have loved and been loved by such a special dog. For that I am so so lucky. Lily has become like glue to me (even more then before!!)

And she has discovered WATER!!!! You know that lovely smell of wet dog.......

Look what came in the post for me on Wednesday. It is from Sumea over at It is so lovely. Must be Easter soon.........
After my last bag blunder I knitted up swatches to felt. Some did felt well on a 40 and some I will try on a 60 wash. The Noro was amazing so a thought I would have a go on the nifty knitter. It would have been quicker and more relaxing to have just knitted it the normal way. Next time!!


  1. Awwwwww glad you like the birdie x
    I still haven't had the guts to fleece anything in the washing machine. I am waiting to get some old garments down from the loft and test it out on them.
    Thinking of you and your Lily, you are so meant for each other right now.

  2. Hi Colette
    Thinking of You lots
    Hoping you have a good week.
    How's your knitting/ felting coming along?
    Having just spent my life savings on 22 balls of wool (although first time I bought any new wool for years) I've put myself under pressure to produce something really wonderful. I am thinking of a blanket perhaps, but don't know what style I want to go for. Will have to look around for some inspiration.
    Warm hugs to you

  3. Thinking of you x Thankyou for your lovely comment Paula x


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