Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Only one more day at work!!!!

Then four days off!!!

Bet it rains!!

Found my granny square blanket. So have another round to attach. Have learnt to catch in and trim my ends as I go. Nothing worse then spending AGES sew in 100's of ends.
I was really pleased with the bag I 'knitted' on the nifty knitter, but must say that although fairly fast nothing beats knitting with needles, you can sort of 'zone out' as 13 year old boys do when they are on the X Box!! OK, so I was going to try to finish a few things first but then I had an idea to make my Mum a camera case for Easter, this some how seems to have turned into a test bag, (somehow I don't think it is going to get to Mum) I kind of like this painting with yarn. In two minds as to should I felt it or not. The Noro felts really nice at 40, it takes on a totally different feel to it, so i think this , as it seems to be an experiment will get felted. This is the Alpaca wool that I brought at the talk I went to on Alpacas. £9 for 100 grm, no too bad really. It is so so soft, I brought it to make myself something to remember Daz by (as if!!), I miss touching her so bad, so in my little mind I thought if I made something I could sort of pretend! Boy! I'm 36 not 6!! But I know what I mean. tel: 01460 220763 I love this picture of Lily, it seems that the man is telling her to be quiet.
I am trying to think of thing to make for Easter, I found this amazing cushion on (sorry I haven't worked out how to so short links) Scroll down through her page and you'll come across a cute rabbit. I think that I might put it on the cotton shoppers that I am giving instead of eggs. This is the chicken one I made for friends at Christmas.


  1. I like the chicken shopper. I keep thinking about making some tote bags with applique on. That's when I find that elusive 'me' time that is!

  2. I love the chicken shopper bag too :0) and the camera case and I can understand the dog feely thing x. I love making tote bags. Hope you are ok been thinking of you a lot.Have a lovely rest over the holidays,thankyou for your lovely comment I have funky socks too lol they cheer me up x

  3. I have just found your blog, through Mel's blog, of 'Country In The Town". I too, am a mother of two teenagers. Natasha, who's 18, who has a little toddler daughter, and Callum who's 13.
    Like your bags, and love crafts. Will be back again!

    Sharon xx


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